We have always heard of word files saved as PDF or even converted to PDF, but have you heard of PDF files being converted to word documents?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a “read-only” document. It is portable and accessible by anyone anywhere because you can open it with any device, browser, and reading application. But although people find it reassuring that PDF files are only for viewing and modifications cannot be made, sometimes these files have to be extracted and edited. It is not commonly possible for word processing software to transform PDF to word documents, but with PDF tools available almost anywhere online, you can now convert your PDF to word file via the internet.

Where to Convert Word Files to PDF?

There are a lot of online sites that offer PDF-related tools, including conversion, file organization, viewing, editing, file optimization, security, e-signing, and many more. The essential tools are mostly free to use, but if you want to work with their pro features, you can avail of their premium membership. Prices range from $5 to $10. They also offer a free trial period so that you can test out the pro tools first.

For starters, the easiest to use PDF-related sites we have on our list are PDF Bear, Sejda, ilovePDF, Small PDF, GogoPDF, PDF24Tools, and many more. These sites are accessible by any device and browser, so go check them out and find the site you prefer in terms of convenience and efficiency and the most comfortable use for you.

With the right site, you can convert PDF to Word with ease!

Step by Step to Convert PDF to Word

1.    Upload Your Word File

To start, upload your PDF file to the server by clicking the Select or Browse Files button. A window of your device’s file location will appear. From that, select and open the file you wish to convert. If your file is stored in an online storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive, there is no need to download them as most of the servers allow you to upload them directly from there. Just click the Upload from Dropbox or Google Drive button. Or also, go the simplest way, drag and drop the PDF file to the server’s toolbox or work area.

With free tools, files can only be uploaded one after another. So if you are dealing with a lot of PDF files and want to convert them in one go, you can do that by using their pro features, which require you to sign up for their premium membership. The pro features can be very helpful, mainly when you always deal with many PDF files. There are indeed more pro tools that will come in handy. Something worth investing in for our work to be more efficient and done in the most convenient way possible!

2.    The Converter Will Extract Text Or Scanned Pages From Your PDF

Once your PDF file is fully processed, analyzed, and uploaded, some sites will ask you to choose whether you want your PDF file will be converted to Word, but the scanned pages will appear as images in the document. This is the free option. There is another option, a pro tool, where they will convert your PDF file to Word with OCR, meaning the scanned pages will be converted to editable documents. However, the formatting in the file may change.

Tick the box that indicates how you want your file to be extracted and converted, then click Choose Option.

3.    Wait For The Conversion To Complete

Right after the previous step, your PDF file will be converted to Word. The waiting time will typically take a minute or less, depending on your internet connection, file size, and the option you chose for your file’s extraction. Still, this is the fastest and most convenient method because we just wait for the file to be converted, and the server does the work. Our file will be ready in no time!

4.    Download And Share The Word File

By the last step, your word file is now ready for download! You will be redirected to another page when the conversion is complete and various options on what you want to do with your converted file.

To save the file directly to your computer or electronic device, simply click the Download button. And to save it to your online storage, click the Save to Dropbox or Google Drive button.

PDF tool sites have this very helpful feature where they generate a shareable link so you can copy and send it out to one-to-many people for them to download the file themselves. With this link, you no longer have to send the file individually; instead, just forward the link to multiple receivers. You can also instantly send a personal e-mail with the PDF file to a specified recipient with you as the sender. From uploading, converting, downloading, and even sharing, the entire process is quick and easy!

You do not have to worry about what will happen to your files in the server after its conversion because they will not remain on the server for too long. All the files will be deleted in a day or a week, so certainly, your files will be safe, and they will be going nowhere outside the server.


It is not very usual for people to convert PDF files to Word because it is mostly the other way around. That is why most file owners are not familiar with this alternative. Now with PDF tools, even available online for free, we can work with our PDF files conveniently and comfortably, making our work a lot more efficient and time-saving.

If you think that converting files online is not for you, you can always try installing professional PDF-related software to your device, but most of their services are paid. Nonetheless, whatever means you use for conversion, it’s still good news that we can convert PDF to Word so that immediate and necessary modifications can be done.

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