Google has introduced a new innovative meeting feature which is known and Google Meet. It will be on the Gmail suite which is specially designed for business purposes. The Meet is available on Android and iOS platforms as well. But, your mails are obviously important for your business. That is why you must get rid of Meet to save space. 

Disabling the Meet will hide the entire feature as well as the Meet button too. In addition to that, the entire toolbar will also become invisible. As a result, the screen space will free up more memory, simplifying the Gmail inbox for both the platforms. 

How to Disable the Gmail Meet Feature?

If you don’t need the Gmail Meet feature, then obviously you can disable it. In doing so, the application will perform better and faster. The process is quite easy and you can do it on your own. 

Step 1

Open the Gmail application. On the top, you will be able to see the search bar. On the right side of the search bar, there will be three small horizontal lines, tap on it.

Step 2

A virtual window will appear. Once again tap on “Settings” and you will see your own email address in which you are now logged in. Click to open it.

Step 3

A list of options will appear. You will see “Meet” and below that, “Show the meet tab for video calling”. A tick mark will appear in the checkbox beside it. Simply, untick it. 

After that, close the application and you will not see the Meet feature appearing on the application. 

What if you cannot Disable the Feature?

A situation might occur when you are trying to disable the Meet feature and you have failed. In such cases, you must not panic. First, make sure that you are having the Gmail latest version. If not, go to PlayStore or App Store and update it. If the problem persists, then try to remove the cache files from the application itself. 

This will delete all of your user’s data from the app. After that, open it and enter your correct login credentials. After successfully logging in, try to disable the Meet feature once again. Hopefully, you will succeed this time.

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