According to statistics, a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds, of which around 40% targets small to medium-sized businesses. The cost of hacker attacks and data breaches can reach millions of dollars across different industries every year. This is why every organisation or institution should prioritise information security.

One of the indications that a company has explicit management control of their information security is an ISO 27001 certification and is one of the most important certifications in the business industry today. Here are four compelling reasons why you should acquire and implement ISO 27001 certification:

Improved Customer Confidence

According to an article, more than 70% of organisations or companies do not have a cybersecurity response plan. Because of this, thousands of businesses are putting sensitive and confidential information at risk, as it becomes open to data breaches by malicious individuals.

Having an ISO 27001 certification means you uphold the standards of information protection and cybersecurity. This gives a big boost to customer confidence since they will be aware that your company will protect their data or information. This is why hiring a service company to help you obtain your ISO 27001 certification is of the utmost importance.

Avoid Paying Fees and Penalties

Information security is well-regulated in every industry, and the government has statutory or regulatory requirements for different businesses and organisations regarding their security systems. This means if you don’t have the proper security systems in place, your business or organisation will suffer from fees, penalties, or prosecution fines.

If you want to be legally compliant with all the mandated requirements of governing bodies regarding information security, then getting ISO 27001 certification should be your top priority. By this way, you rest assured that you won’t be facing any legal issues or pay expensive fees.

Improved Business Operations

One of the biggest disadvantages of experiencing a data breach or a cyber-attack is the downtime it causes to your business or organisation. When you get attacked by a malicious individual or group, your business operations will stop as you try to repair your security systems and proceed with legal processes.

Having an ISO 27001 certification avoids this problem because it leads to imploring vigilance on security issues and concerns. This avoids business or organisation downtime, costly security system repairs, and legal proceedings when data breaches or cyber-attacks occur. If you want business continuity, acquire your ISO 27001 certification as soon as possible.

Get More Business Transactions

Being certified enables you to be recognized as a business or organisation that values information security, both domestically and internationally. Having an ISO 27001 certification puts you at the map of numerous businesses as a follower of industry benchmarks. This means you will be accepted throughout industry supply chains and have more business transactions.

Having a certification allows you to win more businesses both locally and abroad. It will open doors for your business or organisation that can take it to new heights.

With all the data hacks and cyber-attacks that are going on all over the world, information security is not something that you should take lightly. If you want to improve your business or organisation, getting an ISO certification should be on top of your lists. Check out a reputable service company that can help you get certified today!


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