Suppose, you are at your work desk or at home completing some assignment, on lifting the lid of your laptop, the bottom part of the display gets cracked, making a weird noise. Basically, the hinges of your laptop are broken. It is physical damage and the international warranty will not play a crucial role here. You have to rush to the HP laptop repair centre at once to fix the issue.

When the hinges break, there will be no connection available on your laptop display. The hinges are in each and every laptop apart from HP. It holds the display and establishes the connection between the CPU and the display. It is one of the most important hardware of the laptop. 

What You Should Do Now?

You already know that your device is in a vulnerable position. It is too easy to take help from the servicing centre, but the costing must be monitored. So? Now, what should you do? Are you seriously planning to do it all by yourself? Are you ready to take the ultimate risk? These questions can easily come to your mind. 

Hopefully, you are ready to make the ultimate decision and perform the HP laptop repair process all by yourself. All you need to do is to gather some important items. And, these are the necessary tools, a new HP Envy 17 hinges, and a piece of smooth, fine and clean brush. 

In addition to that, you might keep a pair of tweezers with you for pulling out small parts of the device like screws, clips and others. 

Procedure for Repair 

Now, you are all set to perform the operation. Just relax, stay calm and don’t panic. Let’s check the entire operation: 

  • An Overall Diagnosis 

Observe the situation, as well as the position of the broken area very carefully. You will understand how the hinge broke. Moreover, check how many screws are holding the hinge. The overall observation will give you a brief idea about how to start the HP laptop repair procedure. 

  • Unscrew the Screws

Various laptops have different types of screws attached at the end. There might be 4 to 5 screws that are holding the back end of the device. Unscrew it with the help of the screwdriver. Open the back cover and keep it aside. 

  • Clean the Internal Parts 

Dust deposits are present in the internal parts of the device. You already have the soft and clean brush with you. Grab that, slowly and gently wipe out all the dust and dirt from the internal surface. Don’t swipe the brush in the magnetic tape joints. In doing so, you will increase the possibility of the loosening of tapes. Only the HP laptop repair experts can fix those tapes.

  •  Remove the Broken Hinges

Now, it is time to remove the broken part- the hinges. Before that, carefully remove the disc drive. If you don’t have any, then it is well and good. Now, take out the display bezel present there gently, and keep it aside. Do it slowly as the parts are expensive. Now, open up the display panels with the help of a screwdriver. 

Keep aside the separate screws of the left and right display panels. Pull off the broken hinges gently. In this case, you have to use the pair of tweezers to lift them up. Dispose of them in a packet as they are now useless. You must keep in mind which screws belong to their respective places. 

  • Place the New Hinges 

As you have opened up the broken hinges, you might have observed how it was set to its respective place. In the same way, fix the new hinges in its place. After that, place the screws and tighten it. In this case, it will be better if you use the tweezers for placing the hinges at its correct place. Now, follow the exact same process that you have performed a few minutes before to replace all the remaining necessary parts. 


Before fixing the back cover, make sure that the display lid is mobile without any type of restrictions. If it is too tight, then loosen the screws of the hinges, a little bit, for smooth mobility. When done, fix the back cover and place all the respective screws to their place. Now, turn on your machine, the entire electronic operation is successful. 

The Elapsed Time Span 

The entire work is very much delicate and it will need a bit more amount of time to get accomplished. While you are performing the delicate craftsmanship, make sure that no one interferes in the matter. If this happens, then you might get confused regarding the placement of the screws. 

What about the Price?

If you avail the facilities of the HP laptop repair centre, then the entire job will be done with perfection and at a reasonable price. And, when you are doing the task alone, then you just need to buy the tools and the new hinges. That’s it.

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