With the intense and dramatic plot twist of the year 2020, having a comfortable mattress to sleep on should already be considered a luxury. Whether you own one of the coveted Sealy beds, or a recently purchased high-quality memory foam, maintaining the durability of your mattress allows you to get better rest at night.

Mattresses are often overlooked in terms of cleaning and upkeep. People don’t realize the failure to keep their beddings tidy and well-maintained invites bed bugs and allergens to live and propagate within the crevices of their mattresses. At the same time, it reduces the durability of your foam.

Maintaining the quality of your foam should be done regularly. Doing so ensures that you keep the bugs away while also preventing the accumulation of dust or mould buildup.

Enumerated below are five excellent hacks for preserving the cleanliness and quality of your trusty mattress:

Add an Extra Layer of P

Covering your foam with a single bed sheet is typical. However, the single layer of covering might not be enough to keep your foam clean and tidy. Before adding the bed sheet, cover your mattress with a water-resistant overlay. The extra sheet adds a barrier that will protect your bed from accidental spills or water stains. This method is effective if you have young children at home who are prone to wetting their beds.

Rotate Frequently

Believe it or not, rotating your mattress does it well. Flipping your bed, especially while it’s brand new, helps you maintain its structure for a long time. It is a trick that manufacturers recommend to even out the softness and prevent bumpy areas from forming on your bed foam. Do this every two weeks right after you purchase the foam. After a couple of weeks, reduce the number of times you rotate your bed to every four months, and then every three months, then every three or four years.

Neutralize Odours With a Linen Spray or Baking Soda

There are several allergen-free and natural linen sprays sold everywhere today. Natural linen sprays neutralize lingering odours on your foam without causing an allergic reaction. At the same time, it effectively drives away pests and bugs from making room on your bed. If you don’t have a linen spray available, scatter baking soda on your mattress and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Wipe away the baking soda or remove it by using a vacuum.

Sun-Dry Weekly or Every Two Weeks

Some people live in areas where storms or the cold weather frequents them. The lack of sunshine can cause moulds and mustiness to spread throughout the inner and outer layers of your foam. As such, when the weather is fine, and the sun is out, take your bedding out. Let it soak up some sunlight and fresh air for 5-10 minutes on each side. The sun’s heat can kill bacteria and moulds that may have built up due to prolonged exposure to the cold and damp air.

Keep Toys Away

Allowing your kids to play with their toys on the bed leaves scratches and marks. It can even drill holes into the mattress. When this happens, the air inside is released, and your bed becomes hard and uncomfortable to sleep on.

Do you know any other hacks to keep your Sealy beds and comfy mattresses brand new?

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