Document storage and organization have always been a pain. And you never know when you might need to bring them with you. Rather than stacking papers on cabinets, the best way to organize your files is to carry a handy portable file box with you. When you keep your documents in file boxes, you can easily transport them wherever you need to go. The best part about purchasing a portable file box is that you can easily transport your documents.

Things can get even more complicated when all of your documents get mixed up. The best way to deal with this is to keep a portable file box with folders in hand. For paperwork, safety is of the utmost importance. Portable file boxes are a great way to store and transport documents. Here are the convenient file boxes for your file storage.

1. Bankers Box Portable Plastic File Box

Among the convenient file boxes out there, the Bankers plastic file box is ideal for organizing your documents and safely storing or transporting them when needed. On the inside, this box measures 10.75 x 6.75 x 11.75 inches. It holds documents up to the size of a letter. This file box can hold files that can be hung. As a result, there are built-in hanging rails in this.

You can put a lot of folders inside. These hanging folders would aid in classification. As a result, this box would be useful for any daily task that necessitates the storage of documents, such as sorting and storing your mail. This portable filing cabinet’s top lid features a handy organizer compartment. As a result, you can easily transport your pens, business cards, and other items alongside your documents.

The Bankers file box has a handle as well. Take hold of this handle and move the documents wherever you want. The handle is easy to hold and will not bother you in any way. The affixed lid is secured with a strong, heavy-duty latch that will not tear even if the box is packed.

2. Vaultz Locking Mobile File Chest

This file holder box provides a safe method of transferring your files. It has a lock and sturdy overall construction, ensuring the safety of the files inside. It has dimensions of 15 x 17.25 x 14.25 inches. As a result, legal documents, as well as regular letter-sized documents, can be accommodated in this space. For legal privacy protection, the Vaultz portable file box is also HIPAA compliant.

If you travel regularly with confidential material, this box is an excellent way to keep the documents hidden from prying eyes. The keyless locking system is a unique feature of this file box. This container’s double combination locks keep everything inside safe. The lack of a key makes unlocking extremely convenient.

This file box is constructed with premium quality chromed steel corners and aluminum trim. These materials offer strong protection for your documents. Another advantage of this file box is its portability. While this box can get quite heavy, it also has tough wheels and a telescoping handle. The telescoping handle serves as a useful pivoting point for you to drag your portable metal file box comfortably.

3. Iris Portable Letter Size File Box 

This file box measures 13.82 x 10.16 x 11.71 inches. As a result, it has plenty of room for letter-sized documents. This can also be stored in a small and convenient space, such as your car trunk or on your desk. This Iris file box holds hanging folders. It can hold many folders and over 400 papers.

Though it was made of plastic, this box is fantastic for transporting your documents wherever you go. The top lid should provide additional space for your documents. There is a built-in organizer box in the lid. The lid also has a strong buckle that closes it securely. This buckle will keep documents from opening and spilling. It also comes with a handle. You are free to transport your file box wherever you want. This portable file tote is completely composed of BPA-free, acid-free, PVC-free, and lignin-free.

4. Smead Portable Expanding File Box

The best way to keep your documents organized at home or work, or on the road is to use a Smead file box. This expandable file box has a capacity of over 1400 sheets of paper. This file box is also capable of carrying legal-size documents due to its large size of 5.25 x 15 x 10 inches.

The distinctive feature that distinguishes this box from other portable file boxes is its expandability. With the help of divider tabs, this small box can be expanded into 19 separate pockets. As a result, you can categorize all of your documents. Furthermore, each of these pockets can expand by 7 to 8 inches. Preprinted Alphabetical (A to Z) and subject heading labels are also included with these file folders. This portable file box has a dependable handle for portability. This box also has a secure latch that lets you close it appropriately. The twist-style latch flap closure is a highly dependable locking system.

5. STERILITE Portable File Box

This file box is made of plastic and measures 15 x 10.88 x 11.5 inches. This box is a solidly built plastic file holder designed to hold letter-sized documents. The interior accommodates hanging files.

It has a top lid that is attached and a secure latch for added security. This is a heavy-duty buckle latch that will not open while carrying the box. When you want to open it, simply slide the latch. The fact that this file box has a handle is a plus. It’s at the top, so you can easily grab it and go whenever you need to transport your file box.


Portable file boxes can make it incredibly easy to transport your paperwork. However, in order to provide the best protection for your documents, you must first find the best file box. Acquiring a portable file box makes transportation of your documents convenient.

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