The Apple watch does not track all activities as the other fitness tracker apps do. The Apple watch does more than tracking calories and counting steps. It focuses more on the health specifically on overall health. The activity tracker in Apple watches generally differentiates actual exercise from a healthy movement. It encourages the user to stand more often than sitting down.

There are some features by which you will come to know about how the Apple watch tracks your daily activity. Apple Tech SupportĀ shall be your assistant if you want to know more about the products and services or facing any issues with any of them.

Rings – Combination of Specific Health Apps

The stand, move and exercise rings constitute the actual part or the total activity as captured by the Apple watch.


The stand is one of the most accessible features. You can fill the ring related to standing by actually standing up only for a single minute in an hour for twelve hours. This ring is actually informing you that you have not moved in a while.

So, when the app notifies you to stand, you can stand up and move around a bit so that it informs you of the activity.


The exercise ring tracks only a specific type of activity. According to Apple, exercise is something that increases the human heart rate continuously. It controls your movement and checks whether you are exercising or not. The Apple watch gets used to your daily habits and tells you how to improve them.


The “move” ring shows you the calories you have burnt in a day. It captures the whole of your twenty-four-hour movements and not only the exercise that you do. Furthermore, it captures your heart rate data. This will finally teach you how you can burn your calories in a better way.

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Combination of Health, Activity, and Workout

These apps can work together towards the improvement of your overall health.

Health App

Health app data mainly constitutes all the data from Stand, Move and Exercise. If you give permission, the app can also accept the third party app data. With the help of these data, you can gain more information on workouts if you want.

Workout App

Apple watch has this app built-in. It is mainly a workout app. You will find this app on the Apple watch itself. The data from this app has a link with the data from the health app. The app consists of all the activities ranging from indoor walks to hiking and more. Also, the data will go into the exercise ring through this app.

Activity App

This app exists on both the Apple watch as well as the iPhone. You will get the detailed records of daily activities in this app. It performs well, more on the iPhone as compared to the watch. You can see the exact details of the workout on this app.

Some Third-Party Fitness Apps

You can also use third-party fitness apps other than the apps which are inbuilt. People are using them since 2015 after the Apple watch came on the market. This app can act as a contribution to the rings in the Apple watch.

Further Details

To know more about these workout apps or more about working of the health apps refer to the Apple Help Number.