Sydney is a highly developed city on the east coast of Australia. It is the capital city of New South Wales, and it is a significant contributor to the country’s financial stability. The city has a diverse economy, with thriving finance, trading, manufacturing, and tourism sectors. The Sydney Central Business District is a primary commercial centre in the country and home to many of its businesses and economic activities.

As with most advanced countries, Sydney’s economy is driven by evolving consumer behaviour. For your company to stay competitive at all times, you must continuously be in touch with your target consumer. For this, you need the help of the best research companies in Sydney. A full-service marketing research firm uses modern techniques in taking an accurate pulse of your industry. Below are some of the most known techniques they use today.

Doing Surveys

Surveys consist of a short series of open or closed-ended questions delivered on-screen or through emails. What makes surveys so popular among customer experience professionals is that they are easy and inexpensive to conduct.

This means that you can launch many surveys and collect a lot of data. What is more, your questions can be made in such a way that the data collected will be easy to analyse. This can be achieved even if you use open-ended questions for the survey.

One-on-one Interviews

Interviews can be done face-to-face with representative samples of your target audience. It is the best way to get insightful information since a trained interviewer can read even the non-verbal clues. The best research companies in Sydney can follow these cues to get to the core of the issue and produce the best results. If an in-person interview could not be arranged, as is currently the case with the current pandemic, video conferencing is sufficient.

Phone Interviews

An alternative to face-to-face contact is the phone interview. In the same way that face-to-face interviewers could read physical cues, the telephone operator could pick up on the tone of the respondents’ voice and probe accordingly.

Online Market Research

Technology could also be used for market research, allowing you to be where your target audience is. The collection of data could be done in a survey-style form, only in a less intrusive or rushed manner, which means that the subjects can take their time when considering their answers.

Focus Group Discussions

In focus groups, carefully selected people who represent your target audience are brought together to talk about your product and their experiences when interacting with it. However, this method is not easy to get right. Some members of the group might be easily influenced when exposed to other members carrying a strong opinion. The moderator of the group discussion could also affect the direction of the discussion and compromise the accuracy of the results. Still, the best research companies can generate the most helpful customer information using this method.


In this method, an observer watches target users as they interact with your product or that of a direct competitor. This is done in such a method that the users are not aware that they are being observed, which means that they behave as closely as they would in a natural setting.

With a skilled observer, you could get information that closely resembles that of a real-life situation. Still, an observer could not get inside the psyche of the users, so it has to be supplemented by a survey or an interview.


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