A stand-up air conditioner is a good option for rooms that don’t have the single- or double-hung windows required for window units, or for rooms that aren’t used frequently, such as a guest room.

Window air conditioners outperform central air conditioners in terms of performance, energy efficiency, and upfront and operating costs. A stand-up or portable air conditioner, on the other hand, can be rolled wherever you need it, is easier to install than window units, is often permitted in rentals, and can be easily stashed away when not used.

Air conditioners not only keep the climate comfortable, but they also keep indoor temperatures safe for everyone, especially children and pets. Here’s a list of impressive stand-up air conditioners to keep you cool this summer.

1. Honeywell’s Indoor Portable Air Cooler

Honeywell 790 CFM Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is the best ventless air conditioner among the impressive stand up air conditioner. Evaporative air conditioners, as the name implies, use evaporated water to cool the air while keeping it moist.

To cool rooms up to 320 square feet, this model uses a top-loading ice compartment, a 7.9-gallon water tank, and three-speed settings. Because of its construction, it does not require a window hookup to function, though it should be placed near an open window for the sake of a cross-breeze effect.

It is most effective when the humidity level is less than 60%. This model includes all of the necessary bells and whistles, such as a remote control, adjustable timer, low water alarm, and dust air filter. Furthermore, the low power output means lower energy bills.

2. SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner & Heater

This svelte unit is ideal for a wide range of conditions and seasons. Its 12,000 BTU heater, 1.8 liters per hour dehumidifier, and 12,000 BTU air conditioners keep rooms up to 325 square feet relaxed all year.

SereneLife’s portable AC will fit and blend into any room in your home, thanks to its low noise level motor and sturdy wheeled base. Its window mount is 26.6 inches wide, but with the included mount extension, it can accommodate windows ranging from 37.4 to 50 inches wide. This model’s three-speed settings and automatic timer allow you to tailor its settings to your specific heating and cooling requirements.

3. NewAir Remote Control Portable AC

The NewAir 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, weighing 61 pounds, is easy to move from room to room throughout the summer, quickly lowering the temperature in a 325-square-foot space. It has a small footprint and can both dehumidify and cool you down. When the weather isn’t so hot, the two fan speeds provide an alternative cooling option, and the remote control allows you to program and turn the a/c on or off from the comfort of your couch. It runs efficiently by using water from the air to cool the compressor coils and uses an environmentally friendly R-41A coolant.

4. Tosot Portable Air Conditioner

This TOSOT unit is as quiet as a library and is ideal for nurseries or bedrooms—in addition to its extremely quiet operation, its adjustable timer and sleep mode makes it especially well-suited for nighttime use. It has a 450-square-foot coverage area and remote control for easy cooling adjustments.

The fan-only setting circulates air while the built-in dehumidifier removes 60.9 pints of water per day, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep for those who don’t require additional cooling but want to keep their room feeling fresh overnight.

5. Whirlpool Single-Exhaust Portable Air Conditioner

Even if you’re going back to nature does not always mean you have to rough it. If you’re going camping during the summer, this portable air conditioner from Whirlpool will be a welcome addition to your vehicle. It seamlessly helps regulate the climate of your RV’s interior, covering up to 550 square feet, and features three cooling and three fan speeds, as well as a programmable timer. With an exhaust hose that can extend up to four feet, installation is quick and easy, requiring little effort from you.

The built-in dehumidifier has a bucketless design, which means that the water it collects evaporates on its own, leaving no unpleasant spills or leaks for you to deal with. If your RV gets stuffy or swampy in the summer, consider purchasing this Whirlpool AC.

6. Evapolar EvaLIGHT PLUS

A personal air conditioner, such as the Evapolar Personal Air Cooler, will circulate the air all over you, keeping the temperature under control and the air quality good for your health.

This personal cooler circulates and treats the air around you in a variety of ways. To begin, it employs a variety of built-in filters to keep the air free of dust and germs, both of which can cause illness. Second, the water in the built-in water tank evaporates, releasing a stream of cool air through the vents. The tank can be used for up to six hours before needing to be refilled.

7. BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner

Large rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms, are notoriously difficult for portable air conditioners to cool. More space necessitates more power to properly circulate the cool air throughout the room. If you need a good portable cooler for a larger space, you’ll need something with more BTUs than the average small air conditioner.

Black+Decker’s 14,000 BTU Conditioner can handle rooms up to 22′ x 25′ in size. The unit uses water evaporation to provide cool air, eliminating the need for expensive and potentially hazardous coolants.

8. Vremi Portable Air Conditioner

This low-cost model from Vremi will meet your basic cooling requirements without breaking the bank. It’s best suited for rooms ranging from 200 to 350 square feet in size and has four different modes (cool, fan, dry, and sleep) that you can switch between using the LED display or the storable remote. The remote can also be used to control the temperature, speed, and timer. Because of the included window slide adapter, this model should be easy to install in about 15 minutes. Its compact design makes it an unobtrusive addition to any room in your house.


Stand-up or portable air conditioners can be used in a variety of rooms throughout the house, as well as cars, RVs, and even outdoor patios. Air conditioners do more than just keep the weather comfortable; they also keep indoor temperatures safe for everyone. For more ideas, you can check out Storables’ incredible list online. 

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