Know About The First iOS 12 Beta Released By Apple

Apple! this name is a heartthrob for the tech-savvy people. We all eagerly wait for the new inventions and updates of Apple. It is because each update or new product of Apple brings a massive change in the field of technology. This time iOS 12 Beta is the new update released by Apple. It is the new version of iOS, Which can give a glance at the future of the iPhone.

As we all know the beta is a software program, mainly used for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. The most interesting part of this invention is now, we can download it for free. In addition, it contains a number of magnificent features. These features make this version more efficient and attractive for the tech lovers. Check out the features mentioned below.

6 Outstanding Features Of iOS 10 Beta

Apple put more than one feature on this new invention. The users are really going to be very excited to know about this. The features are as follows.

Okay, so these were all about the features of iOS 12 beta. Now, how to install it on the iPhone?.

Easy ways to inaugurate the iOS 12 beta on iPhone

To accomplish this process you need to follow some simple steps. They are-

  1. Back up the device, then go to the ‘beta website’ and fix the ‘configuration profile’. It is a small file that would help you to install it.
  2. You can launch it through Safari or AirDrop too.
  3. Now, reboot your device. And navigate to Settings option. Next, do the required changes.

So, these are the ways through which one can install iOS 12 in their device. Here, one thing is very important to mention that do not try these steps in the primary iPhone or any other devices. Because some files and applications may not work properly. This is appropriate for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Apple has decided to launch a new version of beta within a few weeks of a month. Even, the final version of iOS beta is going to release this September only. So, we are going to experience more advanced features of the iPhone.