You may be tired of having some in-built applications on your device that you may no longer want to use. What do you do at times like this? Since these applications are in-built in the device, simply uninstalling them, is not an option. However, you can root the phone and get the work done. So how do you do that? Simply get the android root software and then do it yourself!

What is Android Rooting?

In simple terms, rooting is a way to gain privileged controls of the android devices. You can also say that it is all about getting administrative rights and using it per se. With administrative rights, users can access to settings that are given by the manufacturer. 

Additionally, users can also remove unwanted applications, that usually cannot be uninstalled.

Is Rooting Same As Jailbreaking?

Rooting is in fact not jailbreaking. Even though at times it is considered a jailbreaking tactic but both have different aspects and concepts. Jailbreaking means that Apple users can gain access to make alterations to the OS of iOS. 

Rooting is the third aspect of Apple OS, which means that users can sideload the applications, These applications have root permissions that are permissible. 

Top Rooting Softwares For Android (With Computer)

In this section, you will find best android root software so that you can root android with pc. Here’s a list of mentioned below:

Dr.fone-Root Software

dr.fone -root is a rooting software that you can consider using. The advantage of using this software is that it is compatible with most of the android versions and tablets, including brands like HTC, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG as well as Motorola. 

The application is free of cost and is compatible with android versions of 2.1 and higher than that. The application is itself very much secure and has a warranty as well. The application is known to be compatible with more than 7000 devices as well as tablets. 

Kingo Software

Kingo is also known to be a free software as well for rooting. With the help of this software, you can root your device. Similar to the first software, this also is compatible with device brands like Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, and Acer. 

It is compatible with android devices having a version of 2.3 and higher but up to only version 4.2.2. It is also free of charge and provides safety and security. 

SRSRoot Software

SRSRoot is a small application software that is meant to root the android smartphones as well as tablets. If you have an android version of 1.5, then this software is for you as it supports version having 1.5 and higher and up to 4.2. It also supports the unrooting of the device. 

Using this software, you can use two different ways of rooting. First is, using all methods, which is “Root Device” and the second is smart rooting which is rooting the device. 

Root Genius

This software has been developed in China and provides a very simple interface so that you can root the devices easily. It supports over more than 10,000 android devices and rooting is one click away. 

Using this software, you can enable the customary Read-Only Memory and then choose to get rid of built-in applications that you no longer want to use.

It is compatible with devices having an OS of 2.2 version till version 6. It is also free of cost so you won’t have to spend a dime on it. This software also has not released the unrooting option as of yet. 

Best Rooting Softwares For Android (Without Computer)

In this section, you will find software that will help you root the device, without using a computer. Here are the following:

SuperSU Pro Software

This application is a rooting application which can let you root any in-built application with the root access or deny as well. According to the choices you make, this application will record the pattern and only then it will grant access to the applications. 

The benefits of using this application are that you can get login alerts and notifications. You can also choose to unroot the device or the tablet for a temporary period, as well as permanently. 

The features of the software are that it does wake up upon prompting and also works like any other system application. To help the visuals, you can choose to alter the themes like Light, Dark etc. 

The usage of CPU by this software is very less and the size is small as well 2.2 Megabytes. You can also choose to hide the application from the device. The major advantage is that you will not be annoyed with frequent ads as this system does not promote any external ad. 

Superuser Root Software

The big feature of this application is that even though the functions are more or less the same as the previously mentioned software, this is secured. This software has PIN protection enabled with it which is also free of cost. However, you can apply for the PIN once you have made an amount of payment for the SuperSU. 

The size of this software is relatively heavier than SuperSU software. The CPU usage of this software is a little more than SuperSU due to its size. When the BETA version of this software was first released, the interface was not good enough.

However, the new version of the application is working fine without the help of PC and its also free of cost. However, the paid version of this software is yet to come. You can be assured that there are no security issues with this application. Everything you operate and see, are fully transparent. 

The benefits of using this software is:

  • Supports more than one user, which means that it allows root access at multiple levels.
  • Open-source applications which means that using the source code, anybody can make alterations.
  • Easily configurable.
  • Has the ability to root the device without the use of a PC. 

Superuser X Software

The use of this application starts when users install a binary file before getting application access. After that,you can choose to get rid of all the unwanted applications from the device. 

Another benefit is that, you will not receive any sort of prompt for root permission. Even if you choose to uninstall the application, you would still be able to get access of root. That is also applicable if the binary file becomes damaged. 

However, you can get the binary file installed on the device even after uninstalling the software.

As because the application does not ask for permissions each time you try to access, it saves a lot of space in the CPU memory.  

Keep in mind that if you do decide to get this software, then you may not be able to install random applications from the web. This is because that might result in bricking the device. Also, the free version of this software might promote ads. But the paid versions, do not promote them. 

If your android device has an ARM processor, then this software might be your best bet. Since the application is mainly for users who are experienced and have basic knowledge in the program developing, the application provides an interface based on that. 

The user interface of this application depends fully on the command-line interface. 

Wrapping Up!

So these were the top best android root software and the best android root software that you can easily download from the internet and start rooting your device right away!