Apple, one of the most innovative and interactive software companies, manufactures a variety of products- like iPhone, iPod, MacBook, iMac, Mac PC and others. However, being electronic devices, problems are inevitable. Thus, Apple repair service is at its best to solve all the problems of the customers. 

Apple authorized servicing centre is located in every part of the world. The centre is operated directly from Apple with skilled and professional engineers. The spare parts are genuine and you do not have to worry about the quality. In some locations, you will also get the facility of booking appointments and get service at your doorstep. 

Important Aspects 

One main thing that you must take into consideration. If you are having old Apple products like iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Shuffle, and others, then it is better that you might use it carefully. In addition to that, upgrading the device will work the best. As technology improves, not only Apple but also each and every organization, at a certain time stops producing spare parts for its previous models. 

Things to Do: 

Before you bring any of the devices to the servicing centre, the first and foremost thing you do is to back up your data. In addition to that, you must also carry the box (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWatch), and all the other necessary accessories. Don’t forget to carry the cash memo with you. It will be the only document that will act as proof that you have bought the device legally. If necessary, you can keep an ID proof for security and identification purposes.

Apple Repairs and Services 

There are a large number of Apple products, each of them has its own services too. In addition to that, there are also certified programs regarding repairs and services. So, let’s not waste any time and dive straight into the details. 

  • iPhone repair and service 

You will only get the perfect repair and service at Apple’s authorized service centre. Never doubt about the spare parts as they are original and have the Apple bar code in it. The engineers at this service get training for serving the people with devices. The skilled technicians of Apple repair service promise its customers a one day service. If your device is in critical condition, then they will provide you with all the details. 

In addition to that, they will also inform you about the delivery time and place. If your device has internal problems and is within the international warranty, then the service will be free. In the case of physical damage, the technician will inform the official representative. After that, the representative will let you know about the costing of the damage repair. In the case of the cracked screen and battery replacement, you can get the same-day replacement service. If you are staying in Lucknow or a nearby area, you can find the best solution for MacBook repair from Apple MacBook repair center in Lucknow.

  • Service towards the Macintosh devices 

Apple has a separate authorized Macintosh device servicing section in various countries. Before availing the service, you have to book an appointment with the service provider. Make sure you know your Apple ID and password. After submitting the device, you can also check and track the repair status online. 

As usual, the costing of the service will depend upon the time span of the international warranty. In the case of the physical damage, the representative of the care centre will give you an estimated cost. If you are facing a few problems with the battery, then the Apple repair service will not be eligible for you. They will just change the battery and replace it with a new one. 

  • For the iPad

The procedure is to some extent the same in case of the iPad. All you have to do is to fix an appointment with the service provider. The costing will depend upon the quality of damage on the device. Hopefully, it will be easy for you to track the service status. For more information, you can visit the Apple support page. 

  • Support for iPod, AirPods, and iWatch 

While you are seeking the service for iPods, the Apple repair service centre will try to deliver their 100% best. Get in touch with the repair experts and he/she will tell you what to do and what not to do. One of the most important things that you should note down is your Apple ID, password, and the serial number. 

In the case of AirPods, there is basically more than one way to get service. You have to go through and choose the best one that will suit your needs. The serial number is, as usual, a mandatory item and you will get it in your Apple device’s ‘About’ option. The option is present in the ‘Settings’, in the ‘General’ section. In case, you have lost the right or left pod, then charges will be there to get a new one. 

The closest authorized service centre of Apple will help you to get rid of all the problems for iWatch. When you are facing issues with the watch, you can disconnect it and then reconnect. Moreover, restarting the device might help you to fix the problems. Before submitting to the service centre, delete all the data and unpair the watch from your Apple device.

Service towards other Apple products 

There are other Apple products like Apple TV box, Apple displays, HomePod, and others. The procedures are to some extent the same as the others. There is a program called Apple Care+. If you register for this plan, then you will get offers and benefits with the service. In some devices, like iPod, AirPods, with the help of the Care+ plan, you might have to pay only the service charge. 


Using any electronic device properly will reduce the risk of damage. If any of your devices get damaged internally, then obviously it is not your fault. The international warranty acts as one of the major roles. Moreover, if you have already registered your device to the Apple Care+, then it will come in handy, replacing the iPhone, iPad, and iPod screens. Or, you can also take the device to nearby third-party Apple repair service center for a quick fix.

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