Studio Wildcard developed ARK: Survival Evolved in collaboration with Virtual Basement, Efecto Studios, and Instinct Games. This is a survival action-adventure game in which the players have to survive as they are stranded on an island with many prehistoric animals. Also, ARK is a multiplayer online game.

However, sometimes due to the error “unable to query server info for invite”, players are unable to play the game. When this error message appears, the official servers seem like they are invisible. The list for the browser of the in-game server becomes empty. If you are facing this problem, then do not worry. I will be discussing the solutions of ARK Survival Evolved, unable to query server info for invite. 

Reason for “unable to Query Server Info for Invite” Error message

Before we start with the solutions, first let us see the reasons that can cause this error message of “unable to query server info for invite” to show up. One of the major causes of this error is a problem with the server you are trying to connect to. In such cases, you get this ‘unable to query server info for invite’ ARK error. Another major reason can be a problem with your own server. Also, when everybody else in this multiplayer game tries to connect to it, they also get the error message. Some other causes are as follows:-

  1. When you are hosting the server for the ARK game, then you must make some ports free that the game usually uses. This is because these ports maybe are being used by other games. 
  2. If you are auto-connecting to a server that has moved to another location or does not exist anymore can also cause this problem.
  3. Another reason can be a faulty Winsock catalog.

Solutions for Ark unable to Query Server Info for Invite Error

Now, let us check out the fixes for solving the error ‘unable to query server info for invite’ on ARK step by step:-

1. Forward ports

People who are hosting the servers for the ARK game and facing the ‘unable to query server info for invite’ issue, this fix will help them greatly. It is seen that ARK uses many ports to run properly. This means that some of the ports must be forwarded to the settings of the internet. For doing that,

  1. Open the browser you are using, type the IP address of your router in the address bar and hit Enter. 
  2. Then, access the interface of the router by entering the username and password. You will be able to find the default username and password within the router documents which you got when you bought the router. You can also find it on a sticker at the side or back of the router.
  3. Now, locate the section for forwarding Ports in the window of the browser. When you are doing this process, you must remain logged in to the router. Different routers have different window layout. So, find the option carefully and do not stop until you locate the option of “Port Forwarding”.
  4. After that, within the input field, you have to enter the basic details. This information is the same for all the routers. Now, write the outbound port rules as following: TCP / UDP Ports 7777 and 777 TCP / UDP Port 27015
  5. Next, under the option of “Types of Service”, you have to select the option of UDP and TCP. However, you can select only one of these options. Hence, you have to do these steps multiple times and cover all the ranges. 
  6. Then, click on “Apply” and restart your computer and the router. 

When the computer and the router will turn on, check if the “unable to query server info for invite” error message is still showing. 

2. Automatic Server Connections

Sometimes, due to the settings of your computer, you automatically connect to your favorite server. This is time-saving. However, when this server changes its IP address or is removed completely, then the problem of ARK ‘unable to query server info for invite’ occurs. So, let us see how you can solve this problem by following the steps given below.

  1. Open Steam from the desktop icon or from the Start Menu. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can use the search bar or Cortana for opening Steam. You will find these options beside the Start menu. 
  2. Now, in the Steam Window, you have to go to the tab of “Library” and find ARK: Survival Evolved.
  3. Go to the name of the ARK: Survival Evolved, right-click on it and select the option of Properties. Now, in the tab of “General”, you have to press the button of “Set Launch Options”.
  4. Next, you have to delete the entry of “connect ‘server-IP’:’port” from the window of “Launch Options”. If you find that there is no launch option, then you can solve it by selecting a server and typing the server IP address. Then, write “connect <your_server’s_IP>” to connect. 
  5. Now, check if the issue is solved by relaunching the game. The solution is successful if the “unable to query server info for invite” error message does not show up. 

3. Using a command in the command prompt

Another method of solving the problem of ARK unable to query server info for invite can be done by resetting the Winsock catalog. This can be done by using the command of “netsh winsock reset”.

  1. Open Command Prompt by using the search bar or the Start Menu. After that, right-click on the first search option and select the option of “Run as administrator”.
  2. Now, wait until you see the message of “Winsock reset completed successfully” after you write the given command in the window. “netsh winsock reset” After writing this, you have to hit Enter.
  3. Now, open  ARK again and see if the problem of ARK Survival Evolved unable to query server info for invite is solved.

4. Reinstall ARK: Survival Evolved

If you find that none of the above methods are successful in solving the ARK ‘unable to query server info for invite’ problem, then you can try reinstalling ARK. However, there are two procedures for when you have installed the game through a DVD and when you have bought the game on Steam. So, let us check out the processes one by one.


  1. Go to the Start menu and open the Control Panel. You can also open the Control Panel by going to the Settings option. This is represented by the icon of a gear. 
  2. Now, you have to change to a Category view in the Control Panel. Then, go to the option of “Programs” and then select the option of “Uninstall a Program”.
  3. After that, from the list of installed programs, you have to find the “ARK: Survival Evolved” option. Click on it and select the option of “Uninstall”. Then, confirm your choice if any dialog box appears.

Now, to reinstall the game, you have to insert the DVD of the game into your computer. Then, follow the on-screen instructions for installing the game. When the installation is complete, check if the error ‘ARK Survival Evolved: unable to query server info for invite’ is resolved.


  1. Open Steam and go to the tab of “Library” and find “ARK: Survival evolved”. 
  2. Right-click on ARK and select the option of “Uninstall”.
  3. After that, follow the on-screen instructions for successfully uninstalling the game.

When the uninstalling is completed, download the game again from Steam. Then, install it and see if the problem of ‘unable to query server info for invite’ ARK is fixed or not. 


I hope that the solutions discussed above will help you to successfully solve the ‘ARK unable to query server info for invite’ problem. These are very effective and extremely simple solutions and you will not face any difficulty in following them. So, solve this error of “unable to query server info for invite” and enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved.