In the earlier period, web developers designed websites using HTML. Then the internet was filled with darkness and it was empty and formless. Even today it is dark and dreadful but you can see a touch of style in it. Thank God we have an AI Web Design which has grown with sophistication over the past 25 years.

Web Designing became sophisticated because of Artificial Intelligence. The AI technology is still in its beginning level, but machine learning is helping ADI  in understanding creative rules and applying them independently. 

It will soon be seen that ADI is advancing to automate an enormous web design work. There will be thoughtful leaders with their digital disciples. People are gradually waking up to the capability of the technology. 

AI in Web Design

Before moving ahead, let me give you a brief about Artificial Design Intelligence. ADI using machine learning will help in identifying and implementing web designing trends. Its technological improvements can create websites by itself. Users state their demand and the ADI creates personalized design meeting their demand.

These days AI is present in every sector such as medical, healthcare and also behind the scenes of Search Engine Optimization. AI has also made its entry in web designing. Few such examples are The Grid, WIX, Firedrop, and Adobe Sensei.

Machines Learning

It appears like ADI is on the move of creating something special by applying programmed rules. To design something that can study and create new ones in real time is totally a whole new thing.

Al new website is a favorable circumstance for ADI so as to learn people’s want. The scope is wider in having a site created by a brutal ADI, minimalist ADI, or oddball maverick AI. It is easy to move ahead with capable data.

A website that is capable to adapt itself to various regions & demographics by applying engagement data is a mind-boggling prospect. There will be obstacles so there lies the requirement of unpredencent elegance and adaptability. Everyone is not interested to choose for ADI so as to behave more sophisticatedly. 

For a maximum number of industry templates still rule the day. And creation of superb website makes the website designing useless for the mass. 

Few Solutions to Some Web Related Issues

Designer’s will not be replaced by AI bots called Molly and Sacha.  Web-design is a difficult process and it requires more creativity with problems that AI can recognize. Given below are some solutions to few web generated problems.

  • Layout Exploration

Trying different layouts to see how they look like is a time as well as labour intensive part. With the help of the tool Designscape, designers can do the exploration. Designers now can use an AI subset, machine learning to give an idea to the designers about layout variations.

  •  Selection of Font

Now machine learning can suggest fonts especially when the intention and the aesthetic in regards to the design is known.For instance, a designer working on an architecture based website who prefers a clean layout might be advised with fonts of Helvetica or Gotham.

  • Selection of Color

Color selection is another tough job of designing. If a color picker picks up a color empowered by machine learning then it would be in a position to provide smarter and intelligent suggestions.

AI Bots will Take Control Over Design Completely

A customer-based AI has been trained for using templates and building websites. To make advance improvements in website creation is not the moto for the largest organizations.

This is why big companies like Wix are working in parallel on ADI projects with their major product.

The policy and principle is existing there and it is generated by startups and big companies alike.  It will be an interesting thing to watch which brings the knock over. 

Web designers will not become jobless but a lot of tasks they do will become obsolete. 

As ADI becomes more sophisticated it will provide a base for competence to be used by professionals. With a smarter AI  Web Designing things will turn out to be more interesting.    


The day is not far away when we could easily see AI robots replacing human designers. But that day has not arrived yet. And in the intervening time, there are many challenging ways for AI to guide designers by creating their job barely labour-intensive. 

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