Avast is a great brand name when it comes to antivirus softwares. You can get the Avast antivirus free version or the paid version of Avast Premium. In the paid version, you will get additional features when compared to the free version. However, this does not mean that the free version is devoid of important features. The free version is a very good antivirus as compared to many other top antivirus softwares. 

Moreover, there is another paid tool from Avast, which is called Avast Cleanup Premium. This is a system tune-up suite and claims to fix small issues, free up disk space, and make your computer faster. Avast has also claimed that this software is also capable of fixing obsolete registry entries, inefficient system settings, redundant apps, and junk files. So, if you are planning to use this software and asking questions like is Avast cleanup premium worth it? And does avast cleanup work? Then you are in the right place. 

Avast cleanup review

The tune-up and registry cleaner utilities have a bad reputation as many phishing and adware emails try to make the users install these apps. Due to this reason, many users try to avoid such apps. However, that is not the case with Avast Cleanup Premium. This is authentic and there is no danger in using it. So, if you are asking that does Avast cleanup work? Then the answer is yes. This software is actually what it advertises itself as, a cleanup software for your computer. You will have to pay $49.99 for one year for a single user. For two users, the cost will be $89.99, and three years for $129.99. You cannot say that this is cheap, but you can go for a free trial. 

You will get a complete program for the maintenance of your computer. This works in a well-integrated manner with the other Avast softwares that you might be using. By doing this, your computer will run more quickly. Now, let us see the features that will answer the question of “is Avast cleanup worth it?”

Junk file cleaner

This feature helps to delete the files that are no longer used by the installed programs, files that are left behind by programs that are uninstalled, cleans the recycle bin, and old files. 

Registry cleaner

Windows and all the installed programs use a database of system settings called the Windows Registry. Over time, this registry gets larger due to installing and uninstalling the programs. When you uninstall a program, you may think that it removes all the registry entries, but that is not always the case. As a result of this, your computer will slow down. This Registry cleaner helps to locate these entries and remove them, hence clearing the Registry.

Browser cleaner

Another feature offered by the Avast cleanup premium is deleting your browser cookies, removing the old plugins and cleaning up the browser. It also has some additional tricks to optimize your browser. 

Sleeping of your apps

This software can also make open apps to sleep. By doing this, the speed of the computer will increase considerably. 

Disk cleaner

If you are running out of storage space, then this software will help you to clean your hard drive. 

Shortcut cleaner

You may have some obsolete shortcuts present on your computer. Avast Cleanup Premium will help you to delete these shortcuts. 

These are the Avast Cleanup Premium features present. With all these features, you will definitely be able to boost the speed of your computer. 

Is Avast Cleanup worth it: Final verdict

On paper, it really looks promising. However, just by seeing the features and the Avast cleanup review, it is very difficult to say how it will actually perform. For that, you have to install it and run it on your computer. Avast provides a 30-day trial period with guaranteed money back offer if you decide not to use it. 

When you are in the trial period, you can test the software yourself and see if it meets your requirements. Also, see that if it actually is boosting the performance of your computer. After checking, if you are willing to spend the amount of money that Avast Cleanup requires, then you can go for it without a doubt. 

So, I hope that this Avast Cleanup Premium review has helped you to get a better understanding of the software and also decide “is Avast cleanup premium worth it?”