Avast is a big name in the antivirus software market. However, it also offers browser software. Its latest version is a Chromium-based free browser called the Avast Secure Browser. The first browser software of Avast was introduced in 2016. Initially, it was called the Avast Safezone browser. Avast Secure Browser is the successor of this Browser and was introduced in 2018. The company claims that this Avast Secure Browser is very secure, fast and private. If you are having questions like “is avast secure browser good?” then you are in the right place. Here, I will be providing you with a complete Avast browser review. After going through that, you can decide if you want to go for it not. 

Avast Safezone Browser review

When this browser was first introduced, it was bundled with the Avast Antivirus paid version. However, Avast then started to bundle this with the free Avast Antivirus as well from March 2016. This browser was introduced with a lot of amazing features. All these features made the internet surfing safe and secure. When it was introduced, it provided one of the best web browsing protections. With the help of its simple navigation tray, you can toggle through the features very easily. So, let’s see some of its interesting features:-

I. Safe browser

The browser is very well integrated within the Antivirus software. This makes the working together of the Antivirus and the browser easier and hence they become more efficient in detecting and eliminating threats. 

II. Avast Bank Mode   

This is a browsing mode that helps protect users from a potentially hijacked network or host. It also helps in protecting users against network-based hackers and key loggers and does not allow them to steal any confidential data. 

Avast automatically activates the Avast Bank Mode when it detects that the user has entered any payment page or a banking website. This runs from a separate standalone computer. 

III. Flash block

This feature helps to enhance the level of security while browsing the internet. In this process, the flash player is blocked, as a result of which, the browser becomes more secure and fast. 

IV. Stealth mode

With the help of the Stealth Mode, you will be able to browse stealthily. This will keep your local drives like history or cookies out of sight of the hackers. 

V. Anti Tracking

This mode is preactivated in the browser and you will be able to stay protected against any trackers. 

So, I hope that from this brief Avast Safezone Browser review you got a good idea about some of its interesting features. But, this browser was discontinued by Avast so that they can develop their new Avast Secure Browser. You cannot download this browser now, but if you have downloaded it earlier, you can update it automatically to the Avast Secure Browser. 

Avast Secure Browser review

This browser also comes bundled with all the Avast antivirus products. However, if you are a Windows user, you can get it as a standalone download. It is supported on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 only, leaving out the OS like Mac and Linux. On Windows, only 400MB of free hard disk space is required to download and install Avast Secure Browser. So, now let us dive deeper into the performance, usability, and features of this browser and try to find the answer to “is Avast Secure Browser good?”


Since this is based on the Chromium platform, it is obvious that its performance will be very similar to Google Chrome. It has also been proved by running some benchmark tests. For a day to day usage, you will not be disappointed with the performance of the browser. Its performance is on par with other browsers which are based on the Chromium platform.


Since the browser is based on the Chromium platform, if you are familiar with other Chromium-based browsers, then you will find this browser very easy to use. The interface of the browser is also much like that of Google Chrome. You will be able to access the extensions very easily with the help of the toolbar. The taskbar can help you monitor the status of the virtual private network and many other features. 

This prevalence of simplicity is not only limited to the interface. Simplicity is also maintained in the control center. You can very easily call up the Security and Private Center by using a link on the toolbar. This feature can also be used to enable or disable the extensions that are running. 

There are other features that you can customize with the help of the browser settings. If you are looking for other security solutions, then you will see that Avast has listed them with the Security and Privacy Centre. You can use the download links to download the products. 


As you have seen in the earlier part of Avast Safezone review that the browser was not short of features. That characteristic has been maintained with the Avast Secure Browser as well. So, now in this Avast Browser review, let us see what are the features it has to offer:-


Avast Secure Browser offers a VPN called the Avast SecureLine VPN. A VPN is used to change your location so that your original location cannot be traced while browsing. This is very important when you want to access content that is restricted in your location. 

II. Avast Bank Mode

The Avast Bank Mode has proved to be a great selling point for the Avast Safezone Browser. With the help of this Avast Bank Mode, users can visit a banking site and be safe from any threats. This is because, whenever a user enters a banking or payment site, this Avast Bank Mode activates and prevents the recording or stealing of your banking details. With this, your security and privacy while doing transactions are increased considerably. You can also choose to turn it on manually for any site you want. 

III. Adblocker

With the help of this Adblocker feature, you can block pop-ups and aggressive ads from showing up. This will give you a smooth web browsing experience with no unnecessary interruptions. However, if you enable the Adblocker, you may see a bit of slowing down of the browser. 

IV. Anti-phishing

One of the primary sources of viruses entering your computer is webpages that looks suspicious. This Anti-phishing feature will protect you from entering any such webpages. It will alert you from entering these phishing pages. 

V. HTTPS encryption

The feature of HTTPS encryption helps in encrypting the data exchange between the user and the website. This feature will work on the website that supports it. 

So, the features of Avast Secure Browser are similar to the features from Avast Safezone review and in fact, they have been made better.  

Final verdict: Avast Secure Browser vs Chrome

Google Chrome is the number one when it comes to choosing a browser. It is fast and secure as compared to any other browsers out there. However, some user gets disappointed with the slow start time. If you compare the interface of these two browsers, Avast Secure Browser and Google Chrome, you will see that they are very similar. If you are a Google Chrome fan who is looking for something with more features, then Avast Secure Browser is the one for you. So, in this Avast Secure Browser vs Chrome, according to me, it will be better to go with Avast Secure Browser as it offers much more privacy and security than Chrome.

Also, as you have seen from the Avast Safe Browser review and Avast Secure Browser review that it was a very effective browser from the time it was introduced. The Avast Safe Browser review made us realize that even an antivirus company can make a browser that can go head to head with other browsers like Google Chrome.