Microsoft Corporation ‘s most successful innovation is the Windows operating system. Presently, the latest version of Windows 10  is running over 400 million desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Windows 10 is the advancement of all the previous Windows versions. The new updates resolved all the technical faults to ensure superior performance and UX. But still, some are difficulties found by users.  Common issues regarding Windows 10 encountered by users are printer connection error, Windows 10 update error, internet connectivity issue, etc. But most common instances and queries that come is related to battery draining issue in Windows 10.  Here you will find some amazing tips that will solve your battery draining problem.

Resolve Battery Draining Issue In Windows 10: Fact Check

Battery Draining Issue in Windows 10

Quick troubleshoot for checking battery issues windows 10

These are some of the easiest solutions you can try. Do make sure you follow the tips carefully.

  • Unplug accessories from your system:

You may not be using all peripherals connected to your Windows 10 laptop. So why don’t you unplug them?  It put less pressure on the Windows 10 powered Laptop.

  • Run Less Applications simultaneously:

It is not advisable to run a considerable number of programmes simultaneously. This helps in maintaining the battery lifetime and controls random draining.

  • Battery Saver Mode:

Do you know there is a battery saver mode option in your device? You can turn it off whenever there is no requirement. The reason is it consumes a lot of battery. Due to this, the overall performance of the battery can be affected adversely.

  • Setting:

You may need to change the Settings. For battery related issues, it is advised to check the system battery option from the bottom left side of the Windows.

  • Adjusting the Screen Brightness:

Even screen brightness also consume considerable power. You can adjust it when your computer is in sleep mode from the control panel.

Battery Consumed by Running Application

Which is the most battery consuming app or running on your Windows 10?

You must always keep a track of the apps which are consuming a lot of memory. The information is easily available under the Process tab in Windows 10 Task Manager.

You can scan the power efficiency of your system and can track the issues.   But the information will be in HTML format. The commands come up in the HTML report page. So evaluating which page is consuming more battery is quite difficult to recognize in general.

But how to check which app /program is consuming most of the battery power?

Well, there are many software on the market which will help you in identifying the cause.  Let me know in the comments and I will surely help you out.