Apple watch was started initially as a device entirely dependent on the phone. But in recent days, we can say that it is turning into a machine which works on its own. Furthermore, as it is for the iPhones one cannot make the most out of the Apple watch.

To get the most out of an Apple Watch one needs to download the necessary apps. Here are 5 Paid Apps which are essential for Apple Watch users to get the maximum output from it. However, if you want to know more about these apps, you can refer to Apple Tech Support.

Top 5 Apps required on an Apple Watch:

Here are some of the top apps through which you can expect to make your device’s performance better.

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Outcast | $0.99

The design of the Outcast app came into light with the perspective to make Apple watches better. Furthermore, with an elegant user interface it allows the users to stream all of their favorite shows with simple control processes. Also, there is an option for playlist support and great search. Among all podcast apps, Outcast is the one which allows the users to engage in various other activities rather than just streaming the episode that is playing on the phone.

Even though you have an official podcast app from Apple, users recommend going for Outcast. Priced at just $0.99 it is worth every penny.

Streaks | The Health Control App @ $4.99

There are various apps which will help to improve the Apple watch along with making your life more active and healthier. But Streaks comes with an objective to change your lifestyle too.

This app mainly focuses on how the user is doing something rather than what the user is doing. Whether the user is trying to eat healthy food or trying to quit smoking. The user will be able to track it right from their wrist. After the users reach their goal, they will also be able to receive notifications regarding achievements.

Carrot Weather | $4.99

There are many weather apps available for Apple Watch, but Carrot Weather has managed to make checking weather forecasts fun. You will get to know the chances of precipitation, have a glance at the full condensed weather and also an honest appraisal report on the day’s weather.

Any app will let you know about the scorching heat outside, but only the Carrot Weather will suggest you stay indoors.

Dark Sky Weather | $3.99

The design of Dark Weather app is mainly for letting you know when and where it is raining. It will let you know when you will require a shelter the most.

This app has a unique interface allowing users to track precipitation level. It is somewhat better than Siri telling you to carry an umbrella.

Rules! | $2.99

It is a game but a workout of mind at the same time involving brain testing. It is surprising that it works so efficiently on a small screen. No matter wherever you are Rules! will keep you busy all the time. Especially it will keep your fingers busy. It is a combo of a puzzle and some memory games.

Further Research

Other than these top 5 apps there are many others to know about. To know more about these or the other famous Apple watch apps you can refer to Apple Help Number.