With the rapid growth of information technology, the whole world turned into a cyber village. In this fabricated city, the need for cyber-security is increasing as well. Cyber-security is basically an advanced technology of security.  It is a process of control build to protect networks and data from cyber attacks.

Which Departments Do Cyber-Attacks Target?

Strong and effective cyber-security can protect confidential and valuable data from cyber-attacks. According to the ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017’ by the UK government, the average cost of a cyber-security breach for a large business is £19,600.

All the organizations, regardless of their size face cyber-threats to some extent. Similarly, the intelligence department or military of a country are under constant cyber-attacks.

The Blockchain: What and Why?

Accordingly, the concept of cyber-security is closely related to blockchains. The blockchain is mainly known for powering cryptocurrencies. However, with new inventions, there are many other usages of Blockchain is coming up.

The blockchain is drawing the attention of police and army all over the world. The Blockchain’s data sharing method is threefold. The database is controlled by more than one user and spreads through multiple computers. Therefore it is hard to breach. Alteration of information is not possible in it after entering.

Since Government, especially, military store all the confidential data in cyber-world, there is a high chance of cyber-attacks remains there. Thus, the best way to protect all the data is to build a strong security.

Russian Military and the Blockchain security…

The Blockchain based cyber-security framework is an invention of the Russian military. This successfully increased the protection against cyber-attacks. The Russian military is on its way to launch a research lab for analyzing the Blockchain. They are planning to use this tech-accelerator to alleviate cyber-attacks and attempts of the cyber-security breach.


According to a newspaper report, the Russians already started their research on the Blockchain. However, the lab itself is still under processing. They are building the lab on Anapa which is a coastal town in Russia. The military will take over the research facility once the building is finished. This integration was quite expected by the  Russian Military since the US government also took some safety measures.

As suggested by experts, the Blockchain based security makes hard for attackers to hide their tracks. This will make the systems more immune from the hackers.

About Blockchain 

Blockchain offers an intense level of technology in countless ways. From digital identities to enterprise asset protection,  be it financial services or supply chain risk management and even healthcare IT transformation, everything is under its coverage. The integration of Blockchain and military opened a new dimension. It created a new universe of opportunities.

From detecting cyber-attacks to tracing the attacker, everything is easy with the Blockchain. The military is the strength of every country. Thus, protecting the military always gives the upper hand. This new security system will monitor the digital identity thoroughly. Hiding behind the web of the cyber world will become next to impossible. It is indeed a revolutionary creation by the military.