Nowadays several vulnerabilities are lurking on Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browsers. Those who use it, are facing certain problems regarding the security of their data and information, particularly on their PC. Hackers are penetrating through these browsers and injecting malicious items to steal vital information. 

Experts are on the verge of solving this problem. They are trying their best to stop the attackers from accessing random computers. Reports say that the emergence of ransomware is also slowly building up to demand a lump sum of money instead of encrypted data.  

The Activities of the Attackers 

According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the hackers or the attackers are exploiting the loopholes of the Chrome and Safari browser. They are doing it with the help of crafted and embedded web pages. 

In addition to that, they are using ascertain procedures to execute a collection of arbitrary codes. With the help of those codes, they are getting success in bypassing the security restrictions. After that, they are able to access the victim’s sensitive information.

Moreover, the contact spoofing attack and denial of service (DoS) also played a very important role in hacking the victim’s computer. 

The Fixtures in Browsers 

CERT-In is repeatedly advising the people to update their Chrome and Safari browsers to its latest version. After hearing the news, Google and Apple have tightened the security to access their browsers. So, people will get the taste of the browser security in its latest version. 

Google Chrome’s latest browser version is 84.0.4147.89. With the improvement of about 38 security fixes, it is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The Safari 13.1.2 is now safe for  Mac OS Mojave, High Sierra, and Catalina. 

How to Update the Browsers?

The one and the only solution is updating the browsers, people must know the complete procedure. The update process is near about the same in both the browsers. Just visit the “Settings” of both browsers and click on “About Chrome” and “About Safari”. 

Users will be able to see the “Update” or “Download Update” button. Just click on it and wait for the download and installation task to finish.

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