Your heart skips a beat when you find your newly bought laptop or PC stops working showing a blue screen. That is known as a” blue screen of death “error or commonly calls as BSOD  error. A Blue screen Error is an error screen displayed on a Windows  System. It also is known as a system crash.

What to do next? what is quick recovery procedure? To troubleshoot  Blue screen Error on Windows 10 in a quick span of time, following are the guidelines you can follow.

Blue screen Error

Steps to Troubleshoot Blue Screen Error on Windows 10:

Here are following simple steps to recover your computer from Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

  • Repair Mode-

You can go to repair mode which is present in Accessories. Select repair mode and then choose System Restore option. Fixing it may take some time.

  • Booting System

BSOD also arises during the bootup process. Booting system is the initial operation during startup of your computer. Check the rebooting loops if you are stuck with BSOD.

Select Repair Mode followed by System Restore Facility.  You need to select a date before restoring the computer.

Also, an authentic and safe media device externally initiates the bootup. So the device you are choosing should be free from malware.

  • Upgrading system  

You must clean up and scan the residual files so that it does not bring a blockage before the Windows 10 update process.

  • Remove unnecessary files-  

The files which are creating blockage and formed BSOD should be removed. This can be done by going to Setting option and manually performing a system scan for broken registry files.

  • Window Updates  

Always update your Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft releases constant updates to protect you against BSOD. All broken system files are fixed automatically.

  • Authentic Windows 10 OS

Pirated copies of Windows 10 files contain infected registry entries. In that case, new updates are never installed and your system may crash.

Alternate Solution to Fix BSOD Error in Windows 10

If you cannot recover your system files and configuration, then you can do it from this following method. You can open Command Prompt by pressing the F8 key.

Among a list of commands, you will find- ” last known configuration“. In this way, you can restore your system to the last known configuration point easily.

Hope this article will give you a solution to recover from the blue screen error on Windows 10.