Each cycle you get to see the website design which comes to dominate the digital principles of art. 2020 is coming so it is the time to start rejuvenating your website. This will help you to meet the upcoming demands of web design. You need not panic, as not many things require changes or up-gradation

Every year we get to see a new movement in the website designs. Some practice the trend and some try to modify their own existing pages. In this post, I will tell you the most stunning campaign website design and campaign web design trends that you should look for in 2020.

Top Web Design Trends

Below is the list of recent web design trends for 2020. You can explore and discover more about each one of them to keep updated with the upcoming trends.

1. Bold Topography

This new web design is gaining more attention from the mass. This is because the website owners want  web designs in the simplest form. Bold Topography has some clear benefits. 

You can grab attention for your brand name by inserting it in a big form on the important page of your website. The audience will remember what was typed in bold and  would likely return to your page.

The company which looks into  brand development is Language Media. Their usage of a bold and oversized letter on the website is attention-seeking.

2. Single Landing Pages

Landing page design comes with minimal and cautious selected landing page CTAs  along with big font copy. This new concept will help the users to acquire knowledge about what and where they want to look so as to collect information to follow up later. 

In addition, this will speed up the website loading speed. You should note that the speed of your website is one of the major and vital parts of scoring high in terms of ranking as per Google’s latest search algorithm.   

3. Mobile is Compulsory

Smartphones existence has made the mobile traffic account for almost half-traffic on the web. You must keep an eye on this during the campaigns. This would be assumed as one of the crucial marketing web design trends.

Not only the website but also many campaign websites are working on this to enhance the quality of mobile experience in comparison to desktop. If not practiced this might be a reason for your business’s downfall. 

4. Campaign Shops

It is a part of the campaign website. Web software made easy for the creation of a shop. Most of the websites are becoming base with well-designed and intuitive WordPress and shop add-ons. This is the best way to make your site attractive and would also help you in earning more finance from your sincere supporters. 

5. Eye-Catching Animations

Animations if  used properly can attract your user but if not used properly it can turn out to be a mess causing distraction. You can take their attention to a great extent. As per researchers, with  the help of an animation, you can offer better user-experience enabling more click-throughs.

6. Speed is the Core Area

Website loading time will be the critical area in 2020 so you need to create your campaign accordingly. If your website is loading at a slower rate then you should embrace website speed optimization skills. 

Speed is considered to be the main factor for ranking your websites. You should note that these days voters access the website through mobile phone, so the speed should be of high quality. Else you might lose both donors and supporters.

Keeping this in mind that every presidential suite is making use of CDN and minimizing scripts so as to ensure their website is loading at a faster rate and ranking well as well. Do remember that if your page load time is not improving in 2020, you will lose both money and supporters.

7. Website Notification Banners

A bright red color icon appears right on top of the menu bar, which is a banner. It will guide you with some knowledge. You get the option to click the entire button. Thus it gives you the option of the call to action. It is the best way in bringing new things into your design resulting in taking your visitors in the proper direction.

Ending Note:

I am sure by now you are aware of the latest campaign website design trends of 2020. In addition, if you want to make your website look professional, then you should contact a web design company offering services. 

The experts will guide you regarding the updated trends that will come up with a comprehensive plan so as to renovate your website. You can definitely share your views so that they can design the site keeping in mind your expectations. 


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