Charm bracelets are small wrist jewellery with charms or trinkets hanging on them. The hanging pendants will be of various colours and styles. It is one of the best gift options for kids. Not only you can surprise them with a cute and beautiful gift, but kids charm bracelets add charm to their tiny little hands. Although charm bracelets are widespread across the world among women and men, it’s the little children’s hands that they look most beautiful on. Here’s a look at why charm bracelets are simply the best.

The History

One can trace the trend of charm bracelets back to when shells were hung on small twines and worn as an ornament. People of those days would also wear bracelets as part of religious beliefs, the traces of what is still visible today. The bracelets of gold, silver or platinum have gained currency during the Victorian period. In the 1950s, the popularity of this ornament increased when it became trendy among film stars. Now, charm bracelets are fashionable among the rich and the layman as a good choice of wrist jewellery.

The Charms

Charms are the hangings on the bracelet. Different kinds of charms give different auras to the bracelets. One can choose the bracelet with charms they prefer. For kids, charms for bracelets are available in a lot of different colours and designs. The designs even have their favourites like unicorns, balloons, bunny, butterfly, mermaid, Cinderella, etc. Since these are easy to make, a large variety is available.

As Gift

Charm bracelets are the best choice for gifting kids on special occasions. They are simple and pretty as well as economically feasible. Even on birthdays or wedding charm bracelets can be a delightful present. People gifting these can select charms based on the taste of the person who is receiving the gift. These bracelets will remain as a token of love that is reminded by every clink of the charms.

Carries Meaning

The charms on the bracelet carry meanings. Different kinds of charms are available that can mean a lot to the one who buys it. This is why charm bracelets remain the favourite choice for people to buy for themselves and to gift their dear and near ones. Once purchased, it will remain a token itself along with the charms symbolising something close to the wearer’s heart.


Some charm bracelets come with an option to customise it according to one’s desire. One can interchange the charm beads available in various kinds of materials like wood, clay, metal and glass in different shapes and designs. To add a little more spice to the bracelets, one can make it more personalised by carrying a message on the tiny little metal plate on them.


Charm bracelets are always popular due to the wide variety of options they have in terms of material, colour and style. The trend that was very much popular in the 1990s and is still in use today. Kids charm bracelets give a nice and elegant look to them. Leather and metal bracelets are the best options to choose for people of all ages. The trend has stood the test of time. Unique and beautiful, they carry memories in a band right around one’s arm. So, charm bracelets are the best jewellery that one can choose to buy.


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