The most significant gift to humanity from humankind itself was technology. But technology can be used and manipulated, making it as much a bane as a boon. All critical data from corporate companies, most financial transactions and all banking information of individuals and companies are stored on online servers. While these make many processes more straightforward, it also makes these data vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Any business that requires online dealings should invest in a cyber-security firm for maximum protection on the internet. Who better to protect companies from online threats and risks than people who know technology like the back of their hands? Cyber security services are offered by experts who assess the technological infrastructure and provide the necessary security.

Every keystroke entered on a system is data. This data can be hacked and manipulated. This effect is called a data breach, and there are seven notable types that cyber security services handle.


The most common data breach term that many people know is the virus. A virus is a type of malware that attacks the system internally and can even destroy the network. This virus has to embed itself from an external source. A cyber-security advisor protects an individual from malware by installing antivirus software that prevents malware from being embedded, either from the internet or by an individual.


Another common term is phishing. A fake website is created by the hacker that looks remarkably like the original site fooling people into entering sensitive information.

Every website on the internet has an authorised security certificate, ensuring it’s genuine, but not phishing sites. Antivirus programs check for these certificates before opening the site on the browser.


Hackers gain access to confidential and sensitive material on a system and use it to extort the owner for money in return. Cyber-security firms guard against such attacks by installing high-grade firewalls that prevent any online breach into the system.


Hackers can install keyloggers onto a system and steal important information. This feature too needs to be embedded from an external source. Antivirus software installed by cyber-security companies guard against this as well.


Individuals may also note down their passwords which hackers can physically steal, or if the individual is well known, the hackers can attempt to guess their passwords. This form is known as brute-force-attack. Cyber-security firms provide companies with password generators that change the password periodically, and thus they can’t be hacked or stolen. The passwords are computer-generated, making them harder to guess.


This type of cyber-attack usually targets large corporations. All systems of this corporation link-up onto the same server and that is the main point of attack. Cyber-security professionals provide cloud computing services that upload data onto a cloud server. These are very hard to hack, and a regular backup ensures that there is no loss of data even in the event of some disaster like a fire or flood.

Further, cyber security services also provide good quality VPNs that safeguard the entire network and WiFi from any external or internal attack.


This type of attack only happens to large companies as it requires a lot of coordination. DDoS bars and restricts the company’s server and mainframe access. All the data is accounted for and present but is not accessible to anyone from the company. Cyber-security firms can guard against this by installing firewalls that stop any external tampering of the system.

Cyber-security firms also train employees on using the internet safely and upgrading their systems as and when required. This move ensures maximum protection from any external or even internal threats; these firms block all the points of attack. Investing in a cyber-security firm for both companies and individuals is vital in today’s digital world of ever-upgrading technology.

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