Technology is a huge platform. And it is growing day by day. In the present time, we can not even imagine moving one step forward towards the future. Over the years technology has taken over commerce too and now it is called e-commerce.

Now if you have a store or an e-commerce business, then a mobile app for your business will really help you to increase your sales. 

Today I am writing for my readers who either have an e-commerce mobile app and need some upgrade or need an awesome mobile e-commerce app to increase the sales and reach of their products. 

In this blog, I want to give you some tips.

Yes. Some tips about e-commerce mobile app development and eCommerce app designing. Hold on to the end of the blog and you will know the secrets. So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Top UX Design tips to develop a great e-commerce mobile app.

Tip 1: Always keep all the key elements under the thumb-friendly area.

It is a fact that thumb is the finger which we use the most when we are using any kind of mobile application. Appropriate placement of key elements of your application is mandatory. Therefore after application design make sure that most of your key elements are in the thumb-friendly zone. 

The basic thing is that if you don’t put everything in a compact way then the user might not show the effort to go through the whole application. Let me tell you that what elements and buttons should lie under the thumb-friendly one.

  • Add to cart option on any sort of products.
  • Next step to proceed with the payment screen 
  • Payment gateway option screen

Tip 2: Rule of three-tap.

The aim is to reduce the time that a user spends to search. More time the user takes to find a certain product more loss in your sale. Most of the users hop around different sections of your application and buy random products. 

The rule is that  it should not take more than three taps from a user to get to any kind of products that are available in your online store. 

To meet this aim you can arrange the  products of your store into three parts,

  • Categories.
  • Sub-categories.
  • Products.

A smart search bar plays an important role in the UX Design of a smartphone. A search bar makes it easier for the user to find the exact product they are looking for in a short span of time.

Now if you may notice that in the first line I have said Smart Search Bar. 

A smart search bar means that  whenever a user types some letters in the search bar then the search engine will automatically give suggestions. This will save your user a huge chunk of time.

Tip 3: Creative icon layouts.

In a UX design of a mobile application, you can be very creative with your icon layouts. Images and icons are the most attractive attributes of your application. But too many images in a single page can cause clutter in the UI and may result in late loading of pages.

Here come the icons, through which you can creatively give your application an attractive personality and user interface.    

My suggestion is that you can put different types of icons for each category of your online store. As for example, for the “add to cart” option you can include a basket or cart icon and there are many more. 

Tip 4: Consistency Matters.

Product consistency matters the most in the UI design of a mobile application. You can call an e-commerce application-consistent then all the elements and attributes act and look the same way. 

We can categorize consistency into three sections. 

  1. Visual consistency– The themes, user interface, buttons and color schemes should always look the same.
  2. Functional Consistency– Navigational elements and buttons on different product pages should work the same way.
  3. External Consistency– Anything you are selling on your website ( shopping products or service or a website) should always have similar design patterns throughout every page. 

Consistency of your application will help both you and your user in several ways and will also provide some remarkable benefits.

  • If your application offers a consistent interface then it will be easier for your users to use the application.They can predict the app in a good way and it will make them more comfortable and reliable.
  • A consistent app will help you to create a logical structure and will help you to focus on the content and also highlight the key visual elements. This will make your application look more transparent.
  • Consistency brings user satisfaction. Users feel comfortable  when they get everything under their thumbs. A consistent and organized app will make your users more happy and comfortable when they visit your application.

Tip 5: A proper Call to Action is a must.

The UI design of a mobile application is completely different from a UI design of a web page. In a mobile application, you have put everything in a very compact way. That means you have to follow a hierarchy throughout your application.

Call to Action is always an important element of an eCommerce application. It is a must to provide a helpline service for the product that you are offering. 

Your CTA will decide the number of loyal customers you will get. In an eCommerce mobile business app, it is not only about selling the product, rather it is about holding your customers and providing them live support.

In the End.

Now you have got the master tips. So without wasting a single moment, go and  develop a great eCommerce app by following the above-mentioned tips. And to those who already have a stunning e-commerce mobile application, you may also find these tips useful to upgrade your application.

Trust me the tips are well researched and the best you can get regarding this topic. I wish that most of the readers will find this blog useful. 

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