When a company has already integrated an enterprise resource planning software, they are fully aware of the setup that all data can be accessed in one location. There are several eCommerce platforms introduced in the market, each of them possessing distinctive features and benefits to the firm. Whether it is a start-up business or has run its operation for decades, every owner should be smart enough to adapt to the evolution of eCommerce.

One way to do it is the use of SuiteCommerce, which delivers a significant increase to the firm’s online sales figures. Today, more companies are shifting to web-based shopping to keep up with the evolving demand of consumers. It is ideal to follow a proactive approach for those businesses who have yet to familiarise the ins and outs of internet-based shopping and begin to learn about leveraging eCommerce platforms.

The Ecommerce Platform

Some business owners may already know how these platforms help their operations and multiply their sales for the past few years. Unfortunately, some are still about to join the club and figuring out how to optimise this pre-integrated software in their ERP.

When a firm has an existing ERP, they no longer have to incur additional costs to initiate the software’s integration process. There are no fees involved for the linking and deployment with such software. Aside from EPR, its comprehensive features also include CRM and inventory and order management.

All necessary information can be accessed in one application, allowing simultaneous change of the firm’s eCommerce solution and operation. It will be a seamless optimisation of the eCommerce user experience for various business models like B2C and B2B.


Nowadays, customers are becoming more demanding than ever. They want unlimited access to online shops whenever and however, and they can without relinquishing convenience, options, or price. Creating a useful omnichannel business model will lead to dramatic and real retail business results.

Establish Real Connection With Customers

The integration of SuiteCommerce will allow the firm to get an overall view of the user’s activities. This helps the sales team deliver a more personalised customer service, earn their loyalty, and supply a more intimate and extensive shopping experience.

Seamless In-shop Transition Experience

The software is designed to provide a smooth transition of businesses from an isolated web-based application or mobile shopping platforms to a comprehensive business solution. This allows the in-shop POS with an integrated inventory system, order management, finances, and marketing to operate simultaneously. Furthermore, it enables the firm to quickly gather the data needed to provide more engaging shopping activities.

Holistic Perspective Of The Business Operation

The software will allow retail owners to gain a 360 view of their operation, including determining key metrics essential to the real-time decision-making process. It also gives them convenient access to dashboard analytics that present the timely inventory, sales, expense reports, and ROIs of various marketing campaigns. All these essential pieces of information are readily available with just a simple integration of such software into the existing ERP of the company.

Tech companies continue to create all-inclusive solutions to firms that allow them to expand and proactively respond to opportunities. Regardless of the nature of their business, deploying these applications is imperative to remain competitive, generate promising sales figures, and, more importantly, maintain a high-quality customer experience. There is no better way to survive in a highly competitive market than to adapt and embrace the industry’s technological advancements.

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