Your Dell laptop never woke up after it slept last night. You dream of having a great day ahead, but your Dell laptop leaves no chance to make it miserable. What would you do if you find your Dell laptop not turning ON?

Dell laptop not turning on

Dell laptop runs out of fuel one fine morning, just like your car breaking down amidst nowhere.
We would like to tell you that, certain Dell laptop models are susceptible to glitches that restrict the Dell laptops from turning ON.

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To start with, let us look into what paradigm is the company following when it comes to their laptops. What does the company have to offer?

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Your Dell laptop not turning ON: How to deal with your Dell laptop?

Your Dell laptop goes into a coma without giving any hint to you. That is not inspiring at all.
We will through some light on the issue.

why dell laptop not turning on

Dell laptop not responding.

Dell laptop not turning ON, there are many reasons that can cause the issue. The issues can be with the charger, the battery, the hard disk drive or even the operating system of your laptop.

Issues with the charger and power cord.

The charger is not working the way it should, you need to check the AC supply first. If that is fine, you can check the power cord and the power adapter to ensure whether they are working properly or not.  You can also try removing the battery once. The trouble can be with the battery of your laptop especially if it is more than 2 years old.

If everything is OK, try plugging the laptop into AC supply and long press the power button for at least 15 seconds.

An issue with the peripheral or the hardware.

Your Dell laptop won’t turn ON if there is any problem with any peripheral or hardware connected to your laptop. We have seen cases where the Dell laptop charger light goes off when plugged in. So, try removing all the peripheral and also the hard disk and RAM if possible.

If you are not sure about removing the parts like hard disk and the RAM. You can always ask in our forum for instructions.

The issues we discussed with you are the most common ones that people face. These steps or suggestions help most of our readers in retrieving their Dell laptop. But, even after following the suggestions if your Dell laptop does not respond, free to tell us.

Dell laptop not turning on

Let us discuss other issues bothering your Dell laptop.

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