Just like the other video streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix, Hulu is also one of the top services. Basically, Hulu is an American company that provides over the Top Service. However, Hulu is only available in America and Japan, its access to other countries is not available. 

Many users have reported about the Hulu buffering issues which are causing a lot of problems. Thus, leading to buffering or freezing of Hulu. So, if you are with the same issues, then you are probably looking out for some simple and easy to implement solutions, then you are in the right place. Here, in this guide, we have discussed all the solutions you can try to fix the problem.

Some Common Scenarios that Cause Hulu Keeps Buffering Issue:

Before you implement the solutions, it is important to know about the problem. Therefore, here you will get a brief guide about the probable causes of the Hulu to keep on buffering.

  • Device and Application problem: It is one of the common causes that is faced by users. As it might happen that the application is loaded incorrectly or maybe some faulty files are causing the issue. Perhaps your device too can have some issues while configuring. 
  • Application/System Outdated: If the Hulu application is not up to date with the latest version, then it can cause the issue with the videos to load. Therefore, you might face Hulu keeps freezing.
  • Speed of the Internet Connection: Hulu needs very high-speed internet to load your videos. So, if you see the Hulu lagging problem, then a slow internet is to blame.

Four Effective Ways to Solve Hulu Keeps Buffering Issue:

Now, as you are aware of the causes behind the Hulu keeps loading, you might want to fix this issue at the earliest. In order to fix this issue, go through the instructions given below till the end. However, you will get all the solutions starting from smartphones, browsers as well as other streaming devices.

Solution 1: Check for Hulu Application Updates

As mentioned earlier, Hulu needs to be up-to-date to ensure better video streaming service. So the first thing that you can try is to update the software. As experts say that the Hulu updates have all the fixes related to bugs or errors. 

Browser: If you are using Hulu with your browser, then there is no need to download or install any updates. As nowadays all the web browsers will automatically update to their latest versions.

System/Application Updates: if you are using Hulu in any device such as TV or Smartphone, then you have to check for any available updates from time to time. And thereby download the latest updates to make sure that the Hulu is up to date

Solution 2: Clear the Caches of the Application and Device

If the above solution does not fix the problem, then you can try this solution. This too might happen that any application has corrupted the cache file of the Hulu. Also, this can happen that Hulu is having a broken cache file. If that is the case, then a simple restart can solve the issue. However, if a simple restart does not solve the issue, then go through the instructions stated below.

  • Clear the Cache of the Hulu Application (For Smartphone)

This process is to be followed by smartphone users such as iOS and Android users. Though it depends on what phone you are using.

  • Tap and open the Setting menu of the Phone.
  • Then open the Application or App section.
  • You now have to search for the “Hulu” in the list of applications.
  • Then, open it and tap on the “Clear Cache” of the “Clear Data” button to clear all the cache files of the Hulu from the device.

Once the above process is done, open the Hulu app and check if the issue still exists or not.

  • Clear the Cache of the Hulu in the Browser (For PC user)

If you are using Hulu from the browser of the PC, then to clear the cache, you need to go through the following instructions. 

Google Chrome

Navigate to the top-right corner, then click on the More > More tools > Clear Browsing Data > Select the time range to everything > Mark the boxes for cookies and Other site data > click Clear Data.


Navigate to the top and click on the Hub icon > History (in the left panel) > Clear History > Mark the boxes for Cookies and Saved website data > lastly Click on Clear.

Mozilla Firefox

Go to the top-right corner of the Firefox Browser. Then click on one by one as follows: Menu > History > Clear Recent History > Select Everything > check the box for Cache > Click on Clear Now > Restart Firefox.


Click on the Safari in the Menu bar > Preferences > Privacy Tab > Manage Website Data > Remove All > Click on Remove Now to Confirm.

Solution 3: Enable the JavaScript & Cookies (For PC User)

For better working, Hulu requires some JavaScripts in the browser so that you can avail of the best of the Hulu experience. Therefore, sometimes if the JavaScript of the browser is not activated, then it may lead to such error. 

Google Chrome

Navigate to the top right-hand corner and click on the More > Settings > Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced options > Privacy & Security section > Content Settings > Cookies and toggle on Allow sites to save and read data > Select the JavaScript and toggle it On.


Click on the three dots to open the More Menu > Open with Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet options > Security Tab > Custom Label > Open the Scripting section and then enable the Active Scripting > click Yes button when the dialog box appears.

Mozilla Firefox

Go to the right top corner, click on the Menu (three parallel lines) > Options > Privacy Tab, which is located on the side menu > Select the “Firefox Will: Use Custom Settings for history” which is under History section > Now mark the box to accept cookies.


Navigate to the Safari menu > Preferences > Security tab > Mark on the Enable JavaScript box > Privacy Tab > Allow from Websites which is under the Cookies and Website data options.

Solution 4: Enable Location Services (For PC User)

When you are trying to log in to your Hulu account, it requires the location services of the PC to be enabled. Therefore, check how you can enable the location service in different browsers.

Google Chrome

Go to the top-right corner of the browser > Click on More option > Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > Content Settings > Location > Toggle it On.


Click on the Windows Start Button > Settings > Privacy > Location > Now, scroll down and select the apps that you want to avail the Location.

Mozilla Firefox

Go to the right-top corner, click on the Menu (three parallel lines) > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Permissions sections > Settings (Next to Location option) > In the List, make sure that the Hulu.com is available.


Click on the Apple logo > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab (You need to unlock the padlock icon just by providing the username and the passwords) > Location Services > click on Enable Location Services for Safari.

Hulu TV App on Roku: Buffering Issues

In addition to that, sometimes the Roku TVs face buffering issues with Hulu. Therefore, in order to solve that, follow the given below instructions.

  1. Press the Home Button 5 times.
  2. Then press on the Rewind button 3 times.
  3. Lastly, press on the Forward button 2 times.

Additional Methods to Solve the Issue:

Some more methods that you can try to solve the Hulu buffering issues are as follows:

  • Force Close Hulu app (For SmartPhone Users)

You can force close the Hulu app in your mobile and thereby run the application again to check if the issue is fixed or not. This will refresh the Settings of the app.

Android Users: Go to the Settings > Applications/Apps > All Application/Apps > Hulu > tap on Force Close button.

iOS Users: From the Home Screen, double-tap on the Home button > Multitask Tray > Swipe Up on the App’s preview > Force Stop button.

Then, you can restart your phone.

  • Restart the Router

Sometimes the issue occurs when the router is unable to establish a connection with the Internet server of Hulu. Therefore, you can try to restart the router to refresh the settings of the router.

  • Check your Internet Connection

As mentioned earlier, to get the best of video streaming performance, Hulu requires very fast as well as a static internet connection. However, the required internet connection of the Hulu is as follows:

  • 3 MBps for Hulu to Stream library.
  • 8 Mbps to Live Stream.
  • 16 MBps is needed by Hulu to stream 4K content.

So, if you are facing any issues with the internet, then you can close all other devices that are connected with the router. Close any other application running in the background which is using the internet. You can also try to connect the device with an ethernet cable.