Screen flickering in Windows 10 is a common problem recently users are facing. In screen flickering, you will find many things.  Variation in brightness or changes in video quality are some examples. The issue may persist even after refreshing the screen. All the devices that support Windows 10 like laptops, computer, smartphones have similar problems. Well if you have encountered such issues, you are in the right place to encounter your screen flickering errors in your system.

What is screen flickering and why does it happen?

Currently, many users worry about the thin lines they see on the screen of their device. This is known as the screen flickering. There can be certain causes behind it. First and foremost, if the LCD monitor has low hertz and low refresh rate ( 60 hertz is the current refresh rate) the screen will flicker. Likewise, other reasons are:

  1. Defective cable line causing a loose connection.
  2. Electronic ports and ethernet wiring can cause problems. You can fix it by removing the electrical gadgets in fronts of you like a fan or other smartphones.
  3. The output of the screen will be affected if the video card is not placed properly.
  4. The monitor or smartphone you are using can be defective or will damage sooner. You can have a talk with the manufacturing unit or cable service provider. They can change the entire monitor or hardware parts of the computer.
  5. Faulty driver. Make sure You use the latest driver while fixing screen flickering issue.

What happens when the screen flicker?

It becomes difficult for the user to check the video properly. He cannot enjoy the videos. The video quality required for calling or watching youtube stops. If you are using a smartphone, a constant grid line can hamper health. It can cause headaches, nausea and pukish.

The easy steps to follow to stop the screen flickering

Following are the steps you can see to stop the screen from flickering in windows 10.

  • Uninstall the application you do not need. You can select and go to the control panel to choose appearance and personalization icon. Then reach the display option to change the display settings. On the very settings, click on the monitor button and change the refresh rate. You can control the rate.Screen Flickering In windows 10
  • If you are using Mac, go to system preferences and choose display.
  • You can also go to the task manager for solving the problem. Use the key- control +shift+escape. Now, look at the  Task manager carefully. There can be two methods. If the screen flickers along with the task managers, there is a problem with graphics. If everything else is flickering, there is some app problem.
  • Switch off the computer and the app and then restart it.
  • To update graphics driver, select settings and check security. choose Recover icon and restart your pc.
  • Troubleshoot using the advanced settings on the startup settings. Remember to use safe mode after rebooting the computer.
  • You can uninstall the video card by expanding the device adapter and selecting the icon uninstall.

Hope this article is helpful to fix you the screen flickering issue in your system.