Microsoft is reaching new heights with its latest versions. The new one in the block is Windows 10. It is the latest system that everyone is looking to. It comes with brilliant sound qualities.  However, users are complaining about sound issues on Windows 10. They are unable to listen to music and see videos. Does this sound similar? Read along to know how to fix sound issues in Windows 10.

The sound system in Windows 10 is really good. The megahertz is perfect for music lovers. You can enjoy it anywhere within minutes. Just make sure the device is in a working condition.

 Sound Issues on Windows 10 – The Reasons

fix sound issues in Windows 10

Let discuss the reasons one by one. There can be some internal issues with your computer because of which Windows 10 is not working. The wires attached to the sound box may be loosely connected. There may hardware issues like a problem in the sound box or in external hardware. There can be software issues also. A malicious virus can infect the computer system and affect the sound system of the desktop. A small list is given down.

  • A problem in external hardware like issues in the sound box.
  • The external speakers have stopped working. you should also check the earphones.
  • The headphone is breaking down.
  • The audio cable is in wrong connection. The audio cable can be connected to an obsolete jack.
  • Sometimes, the speakers are set up for a particular device. For example, speakers for windows 10 do not work on other devices.
  • A driver issue is possible. Old drivers will not work for sound systems.
  • The USB cord is obsolete.
  • There can be the driver issue.

How to fix Sound Issues on Windows 10

Sound issues are a big problem especially when they take place on your desktop, laptop or smartphone. However, there is a quick guide you can go through to solve the problem.

  • Check your sound box and make sure the sound card is working properly.
  • The sound card should run with updated drivers.
  • You can try audio troubleshoot. Just select the options sound on the taskbar. Then select the option troubleshooter sound problem.
  • There is another way. Select Start. Then click on the sound button. Choose playback tab. When you see the default device, use right click and choose the icon properties.
  • If you are using Advance tab under default format, change settings to hit the test icon. You have to change settings and hit test icon.
  • Also try various audio formats found in the desktop, tabs, computers, and phones.
  • One can face some issues while using USB and HDMI. This will happen because external devices are to be set.
  • Also, check the earphones you are using. Clean them if necessary. Change them immediately if the sound is audible.
  • Check the external speakers as well.
  • Another way to fix sound issues in Windows 10 by changing Device Manager.  Open it and find a sound card, from the enlisted devices. then click on the Driver tab. Make sure to update after selecting the Driver option.

A common way to fix it is by updating the phone, desktop, computer or tab with the latest sound drivers.

Hope the article was helpful to you and you could be able to resolve the sound issues by your own flawlessly.