One of the most popular and most common browsers used worldwide is Google Chrome. It is a web browser that is free of any adware and does not affect the performance of your PC. Google Chrome is provided by Google itself for a better browsing experience.

It is however common for a software to face technical issues. And one of the most common problems in Chrome is the taskbar showing in fullscreen youtube when you access any sites from it. Usually, this happens when you are watching any videos on YouTube. So if you are here with the same issue, and looking for a solution, then you are in the right place. Here, we have discussed all the possible solutions that you can utilize to solve the issue.

Solutions to Fix Taskbar Showing in Fullscreen

One of the most common and annoying problems is when the Taskbar is showing even when you are using Google Chrome in fullscreen. So if you want to get off this annoying problem then just got through the fixes explained below till the end and thereby solve the issue.

Solution 1: Restart Windows Explorer using the Task Manager

Windows File Explorer is a file manager application that you get from Microsoft’s operating systems. This is a GUI app that actually helps you access the file system of Windows. So without it running properly can lead to many issues. As it is the main medium to navigate any Windows machine. However, according to many users, restarting the Windows File explorer has solved the issue when the taskbar showing in fullscreen Chrome.

  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run Dialog box. Once the box opens, type “taskmgr” in the box and hit the Enter button. Alternatively, you can right-click on the taskbar and click on the Task Manager option to open it.
  • Then you have to navigate to the Processes tab which you can find at the top of the Task Manager. 
  • After that, you have to find the Windows Explorer in the list of all the running processes. Once you find it, right-click on it and then click on the Restart button.
  • After that, check if the problem is solved or not.

Solution 2: Override the High DPI in Google Chrome

If the above solution does not fix the problem then you can try to override the high DPI scaling behavior in order to fix the issue when the taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen Chrome. Many users tried this process and got the results. So you too can try this fix.

  • Open the Chrome browser. Then when you see the Chrome icon on the Taskbar at the bottom, right-click on it and then right-click on Google Chrome from the options again. Select Properties.
  • After that, when the properties option of the Chrome opens, navigate to the Compatibility tab located at the top of the menu.
  • Then open the Settings tab, this is where you can find an option as “Override high DPI scaling behavior.” Mark the box next to it.
  • Lastly, to save the changes, you have to click on the Apply button. And close the menu. 
  • Once all the steps are completed, restart the Google Chrome browser. Thereafter check if the issue is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Disable the Visual Effects of Windows

Microsoft has introduced the visual effects on the latest versions of Windows. However, if the PC is not having a Video card that supports all such effects, then this might lead to such problems. So when youtube fullscreen taskbar shows on Chrome while surfing on YouTube, all you need to do is turn off the Visual effect of the system.

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run Dialog box. Once the box opens, type “control panel” in the box and hit the Enter button. Alternatively, you can open the Start menu by clicking on the Windows icon and then search for Control Panel therein.
  • When the Control Panel opens, go to the System and Security option of the Control panel.
  • Then when the next menu window opens, click on the System option.
  • Now navigate to the Advanced System Settings option located at the left of the menu.
  • Now click on the “Advanced” option.
  • When the Advance tab opens, select Settings which you can find in the category of Performance.
  • There you’ll find the option “Adjust for Performance.” Mark the box next to it.
  • To save the changes, click Apply and then OK and exit.

Now this will disable all the Visual effects of Windows including themes and many other options. However, hopefully, the issue will be fixed.

Summing Up

So this is how to fix Taskbar showing in fullscreen. If you followed all the solutions given above, then hopefully, you have solved the issue. However, before you implement the solutions try to take a backup of your browser history and other details of the browser.