The pergola is an excellent way to spice up your outdoor space while also providing shade on a sunny patio or deck. Pergolas, with their open roof design, are excellent for defining and framing spaces while not blocking sunlight. Some add-ons even allow you to use a pergola as a shade structure.

Numerous house owners prefer to build a pergola from a kit instead of from scratch. The pergola kit contains all of the precut, notched, and drilled pieces of wood, vinyl, or other material, as well as all of the necessary hardware to assemble and hold your pergola. Several other kits include pre-stained wood, while others require you to treat and stain the wood before assembling it. Here’s a list of outstanding pergola kits.

Backyard Discovery’s Cedar Pergola Kit

Amazing pergola kits are now becoming a trend and because cedar is the most popular pergola material, there is a lot of competition for the best cedar pergola kit. The Backyard Discovery 12-ft x 10-ft works out for its timeless design, simple instructions, and exceptionally strong structure, which includes crisscrossing overhead beams for added stability and shade.

This traditional Mediterranean-style pergola includes decorative foot covers to conceal the cement anchors and is suitable for use on grass, paving or even gravel. It has a good resin foot with concrete anchors and special foot covers that conceal the anchors.

1. Paragon Outdoor Pergola Kit

This Paragon Outdoor Pergola Kit fulfills all of the requirements. It is slightly larger than 100 square feet and can comfortably fit outdoor dining set for six, but its aluminum frame keeps the price low.

Its understated modern style will complement the majority of outdoor spaces. The frame is finalized to look like ipe (also known as Brazilian Walnut), and a manually retractable fabric cover adds shade. Assembly and installation are particularly simple. The corrosion-resistant aluminum will not rust or fade over time.

2. Dura-Trel Kingston’s Pergola Kit

The dirty little secret about vinyl pergola kits is that many of them require you to buy extra lumber for the core structure that sits inside the vinyl shell pieces. On the contrary, the Dura-Trel Kingston Pergola Kit comes with metal posts that fit inside the vinyl for added durability.

This kit is particularly lightweight and simple to put together, and it is also one of the few that does not require at least two people to put together. The bright white vinyl is fade-resistant and requires no maintenance. You’ll have plenty of time to relax in the shade once this pergola is built.

3. Kosyard Atlantics BBQ Grill’s Pergola Kits

Wooden pergolas are chic, but they require a lot of care and maintenance and can fade in the sun over time. Instead of a pergola that appears prematurely weathered and worn, choose aluminum. The Kosyard Atlantics BBQ Grill Pergola Kit is ideal for areas that receive a lot of sunlight.

This model is topped with a retractable fabric pergola canopy for extra shade and UV protection, in addition to its fade-resistant aluminum structure. Even when the sun is shining, you can enjoy your outdoor space. An elegant swan-shaped gazebo, like a beautiful angel accompanying your family, makes a fancy decoration for your backyard.

4. Breeze’s Pergola Kit

A romantic dinner under the stars is a great way to surprise your sweetheart. Even with precise, easy-to-follow instructions, putting together a pergola from a kit can be difficult if you don’t have much experience. The Breeze 8 x 10 Pergola Kit is the company’s most cost-effective pergola kit.

This Pergola Kit is made to fit in the smallest of spaces. This pergola is put together with only basic tools like a screw gun, a level, and a wrench. Top joists and girders with sculpted tops cross in both directions, creating an architecturally stylish and beautiful feature.

5. Coolaroo’s Constantine Pergola Kit

Coolaroo’s Constantine Pergola is an ideal buy for adding structure to your outdoor space at a low cost. This one has a weather-resistant fabric coat and comes in two colors: smoke and terracotta. It has a 9-foot-long arbor top and a 9-foot-wide arbor top.

The frame of this pergola is made of powder-coated aluminum, which is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. This pergola’s retractable cover is the focal point. It is formed of breathable, weather-resistant fabric that can block up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays. It can efficiently reduce the temperature by up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Backyard Discovery’s Oasis Pergola Kit

Though it may appear to be expensive at first glance, the Backyard Discovery Oasis Pergola Kit provides unbeatable value when you consider the high-quality materials, durable construction, generous size, and integrated bench seating and bar. The Oasis is made of cedar and has crossed overhead beams for added stability and moisture-resistant resin feet for added durability.

This outdoor entertainment space also includes a built-in bench with console armrests and a bar/serving table, bringing a few pieces of built-in outdoor furniture closer to your next outdoor get-together.

7. New England Arbors Regency Grande’s Pergola Kit

The New England Arbors Regency Grande’s Pergola Kit is a striking centerpiece for your outdoor living space, covering more than 250 square feet and featuring an elegant design and maintenance-free vinyl structure.

Keep in mind that the cost rises significantly once you include all of the extras, such as additional lumber to serve as the core to the pieces of vinyl shell; the Bolt Down Bracket Kit for extra stability; vinyl post caps to cover the anchors; and the optional shade kit if you want more coverage. Its large size and long-lasting vinyl, on the other hand, make it worth the extra money.

8. Suncast’s Wood Pergola Kit

The Suncast PA1012 Wood Pergola features a contemporary design that will complement any garden, backyard, or patio. It is made of natural cedarwood in the United States of America. Its arbor top measures ten feet tall, twelve feet long, and ten feet wide.

It’s a huge plus that the wooden pieces are all pre-drilled and pre-cut. The 100 100% cedar wood construction of this pergola contains oversized posts for additional durability and longevity.


The pergola can be used for many reasons. Having one for outside relaxation is a great way to unwind from a stressful day and a place for a get-together with family and friends. For more inspiration, you can also check out! 

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