Plastic has become an integral part of human lives. From manufacturing carry bags to kitchen utensils, the use of plastic is increasing day by day at an alarming rate. Despite the popularity it deceived, it is high time to consider avoiding the use of plastic. More than the advantages it possesses, it has several disadvantages that could even threaten the whole ecosystem.

Limiting plastic usage is a massive step in making the environment better and sustaining life on earth. Many plastic-free online stores aim to promote eco-friendly products over potentially harmful products, which harms the environment.

Why is plastic harmful?

As plastic is a cheap material, over the years, people used it to manufacture products. Its use has spiked up recently. This increase in its usage is potentially harmful to nature and living beings. Plastic, which finds profound usage in packing food products, causes massive trouble due to its improper disposal.

The burning of plastic can cause air pollution and diseases as fatal as lung cancer. Since they are non-biodegradable, several years are required to decompose. Littered plastic reduces the fertility of the soil. It can even threaten the animals when they eat it by mistake. The plastic driven into the water bodies can put water organisms at risk. Lack of proper disposal can also cause clogging of drains and pipes.

How to reduce the use of plastic?

Humans can reduce the use of plastic by opting for products that do not harm the environment. A significant step that one can take to limit the usage of plastic is by avoiding single-use plastic. The majority of the plastic products such as drinking straws, food wrappers, plastic lids and bottles, polythene bags, etc., are single-use plastics. Instead of these, replace them with reusable and eco-friendly products.

What are eco-friendly products?

  • The products which one can use without harming the environment are called eco-friendly products. Since one uses most of the single-use plastic products only once, avoiding these products not only helps the environment but also helps to save money.
  • Both the production and recycling of plastic emits a lot of carbon to the environment and pollutes it. By reducing the use of plastic, one can reduce one carbon footprint as well.
  • The emission caused by plastic is highly toxic and dangerous. Apart from harming the environment, it harms human bodies. It causes land pollution and water pollution, which can cause many diseases, including cancer. By switching on to plastic-free products, one can improve the overall health of society.
  • Eco-friendly products are the best method for a sustainable future. When the earth is polluted and contaminated, it makes it difficult for the upcoming generations to survive. It is vital to limit the use of plastic, keeping the future of humanity in mind. It is essential to imply and follow three R’s, i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • People sometimes hesitate to switch on to eco-friendly products, mainly due to its cost. But one should always remember that, though it’s expensive, one can use these products for a long time, unlike single-use plastic products. Thus it saves them money as well.

Living in an era of climate change and increased carbon footprints, it is essential to reduce plastic product usage by switching over to eco-friendly products. Go green for a better and promising future.

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