You have cleared up some space in your system by deleting the files, and you have emptied the recycle bin as well. Now you realize that you have mistakenly deleted one very important file. What would you do now? You will frantically search for a solution, any solution to this situation and you will try every solution you find. You won’t bother if they are credible and secure if you are desperate. Have you ever thought that trying anything and everything can make the matter worse? If you haven’t thought before, think about it now.

Can You Really Restore Deleted File?

In one word, yes. You must know that when you delete a file from your system’s hard drive, it is not erased forever. What gets removed is the little information indicating the location of the file in the drive. This path indicator, along with the indicators of every file and folders is kept safe in a section of the hard drive. This section is situated at the beginning of your hard drive and is used by your OS to create a directory tree structure. So, when you delete a file, it only becomes invisible to your OS, clearing the way for a new file. So, if you haven’t overwritten the hard drive, there is still a chance to salvage that lost data.

Recovering A Deleted File From The Hard Drive

Some file systems allow you to undelete a file. But not all files systems come with this feature. The advantage of this undelete facility is that it prevents a user from losing any data accidentally. However, it also has a disadvantage. If you are not aware of this feature, you will never realize that even when you have deleted the data, it remains accessible. So, if you have deleted a data because it is too sensitive to be in other hands, undeletion can still make it available. Another way of recovering a lost data is by data backup, or you can take the support of any hard drive data recovery service also. If you regularly take the backup of your data, you can find the previous version of the lost file in the archives. If your data was stored in the system disk drive, you can unmount your hard disk, connect it with the other system and retrieve the data by going into the disk management section.


If your disk has been damaged or corrupted due to any reason, you can recover the data, a portion if not all, using a specialized Data Recovery Software. There are many data recovery software available in the market. Always go for the one with industry certificate. It makes sure that the software is credible and secured. Also, before you pick any data recovery software, you must check the customer reviews and referrals. Even if you are going for a freeware, make sure you pick a good software with a user -friendly interface. One wrong choice and damage more data than recovering them.