Keylogger is a computer keyboard software that can monitor and record each and every keystroke on your keyboard. Once you install the Keylogger, you can view and retrieve your keystrokes later. Employers use this surveillance tool to make certain that the employees use the computers for occupation purpose only. Moreover, a few parents use this software to stay updated about their children’s browsing deeds. Most of the time It is convenient when you want to check what’s happening on your computer in your absence.

Apparently, it seems to be a useful tool though. But are you concerned about the drawbacks of this application?

Unfortunately, Keyloggers can also be used as a malware tool. Therefore, it is very easy for the hackers to fetch the data from any third party application. In general, we also type various pieces of information on the keyboard. For instance, we put our passwords and enter our banking details. Thus, hackers can easily find the user password along with other information. Even if someone takes a screenshot and copies it in the clipboard, then how long will your private information be safe?

How Keylogger Hacks Your Personal Details?

As a matter of fact, a Keylogger is a background program. Therefore, it is very easy to record the keystrokes. This acts as a great advantage for the hackers  They can pursue the keystrokes in order to find the passwords and other details. Whenever the attackers try to collect the contents, keystrokes will reveal every detail one by one.

  • Keylogger is the software that the hackers use to sniff the complete information. It leads to identity theft or bankruptcy. It consists of two files.

*DLL: (Dynamic Link Library) A file that records every work.

*EXE: It is the executable file which locates the DLL and active it to work further.

This software can connect your keyboard API with another application. You will never know how the Keylogger captures the screen rather, the keystrokes. It is seen many times that the keylogger has turned on the video and the audio recorder. It can even transmit the data over the internet.

Check Out Detection and Prevention Technique for Keylogger

  • Detection: It is very hard to detect the Keylogger software as several Keyloggers are expertise in using several methods. There is no as such detections procedure.
  • Prevention: The Anti keylogger software is used while scanning each and every file against the keylogger signature and attributes. Are you thinking of using an antivirus¬†software? Then, it’s not the proper way. It is because the antivirus software assumes this as an authorized program instead of a malware.
  • You can also try to whitelist only those applications so that only legitimate applications run on the system.

Fortunately, in some computer, it is possible to update the drivers in order to handle the vulnerability of the system. Updated drivers prove to be one of the foremost prevention processes. Whenever you update any of the drivers, make sure that you are updating the correct one. Unless you choose and download the right version, you will never get the apt solution. Before you update the driver, go to the manufacturer’s site. Also, you should keep updating your operating system, as the new operating system introduces the latest security patches.