Although automated cars Rae is not so familiar in India, the automobile industry’s technological advances are still evident.

Since automation is the new mantra these days, the carmakers find it extremely difficult to keep pace with the competition. The successful car makers try to imbibe the top technological advancements like predictive automotive technology, automatic high beam control, backup cameras, etc.

What challenges the car makers and the car part dealers are facing due to  technological advancements:

Let’s look into the challenges that the carmakers are facing to cope up with the technological advancements 

Find it difficult to innovate now and then: 

The demands of the clients have increased. Simple innovations no longer satiate them. They want you to have all of the technological advancements. However, it becomes challenging for carmakers to innovate frequently.


Getting new technologies implies an increase in cost; however, many consumers are unwilling to pay a higher price. Hence when the value increases due to technological advancements, the makers find it hard not to sell their cars, and therefore it impacts the sales volume to a considerable extent.

Fuel efficiency: 

The carmakers sometimes find it challenging to meet the fuel expectancy of the buyer. The buyers always lookout for cars with greater fuel efficiency. But due to some vehicle features the mileage reduces. So when you are looking for some upgraded car feature, you may need to compromise fuel efficiency. The carmakers find it difficult sometimes to meet up with the increasing demands of the customers.

The shortfall of skilled people: 

It is challenging to find experienced people nowadays are the automobile industry, resulting in lesser supplies. Hence sometimes the carmakers struggle to meet up with the demands of the buyers.

Difficulties in selling:

The parts of some of the recent cars may be costlier than the old modelled cars. Hence some people sell car for parts, but this may not be a prudent decision. If you want to sell your car parts online, then you can take help from numerous websites. If your car is old and of no use, then you can consider selling the same and buy a recent car model.

What should the makers focus on?

Let’s look into some of the aspects that the makers and car dealers should focus on for maximizing sales.

Delivering quality:

Quality should be the top- priority of any brand. The makers and the car dealers should ensure no compromise in the quality under any given circumstances. Embracing new technology does not mean that the quality needs to be compromised.

Competitive cost: 

The cost should be competitive. Of course, as a maker, you don’t want your sales to suffer due to the high cost that you have quoted for your car model. Hence it would help if you kept the car pricing judiciously.


During manufacture, the makers need to be aware of the current technologies and must aim to incorporate few in the car they make. This will impress the buyers, and they will feel like investing in cars. As a car dealer also you need to be aware of the recent technological advances, and you must make sure that your products have some of the current technologies to increase sales.

Enhanced looks: 

It is important to note that the looks of the car set the first impression, and hence the makers should be careful about the looks of the car. A premium looking car will attract more buyers than an average looking car even though it has more features. Colour plays a vital role in determining the looks of the car, and hence the colour of the car must be carefully chosen to set an excellent first impression.

The car part makers strive hard to fulfil the need for autonomous vehicles. The above tips will help you to meet up the changing demands of the clients. It would be helpful to study the market trends and to have a thorough knowledge of the budget before selling the car and the spare parts.

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