How to Block a Call on iphone

According to a survey that was recently conducted in the US, it was seen that out of 100%, approximately 29.2% of the calls are spam. So, there is no exception if you are getting too many spam calls instead of real calls. Oftentimes, these spam calls disturb you while you are attending a meeting or engaged in doing some important work. If you are frustrated with taking lots of spam or fake calls and desperately want to block these calls, then follow this post till the end.

Here you will get to know the process of how to block a call on iPhone in detail. For that, you need to simply go through the 4 procedures discussed here and check which one is most effective for blocking incoming calls iPhone.

4 Best Procedures for How do You Block Calls on iPhone:

Check out these procedures for blocking incoming calls iPhone. These processes are very simple and easy to implement and once done, it will also avoid spam and fake calls.

Procedure 1: How to Block a Call on iPhone using the In-built Feature for Spam

You might not know but all the iPhones have an in-built feature that can be used to block calls. So, once you receive a spam call and you decide to block it, then check the below procedures.

Although if you have not received a call from spam recently, you still choose to block the number from any further calls in the future. If this is the case, then you have to tweak a few changes in the Settings menu.

Procedure 2: How to Block a Call on iPhone using Google Voice for Spam

Being an iPhone user, you can still use Google Voice to block the calls from spam. Basically, these calls are prevented by the voicemail by Google Voice. So, to implement this method, you need to switch to Google Voice as the primary number. Besides, you must not share the old number. Once you do that, now you can block calls by the three steps given below.

Perhaps, the only drawback of this procedure is that your number will be changed to a Google number, thereby shifting from your carrier and it also involves some work for the transition purposes.

Procedure 3: How to Block a Call on iPhone using the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) Feature for Spam

You can only avail of this feature if your iPhone is having iOS 6 or later versions. So, you need to update the iOS of the iPhone if you are any older version than iOS 6. Check out the steps given below.

How to Update iOS?

What do you have to do Next?

However, you can choose the option “Allow Calls From” to select the exceptional numbers from whom you want to get call notifications. When you click on the option, you can get a list of the options. You can select the “Everyone” option to receive call notifications from all the numbers on the contact list. Apart from that, there are a lot of options you can tweak with.

Procedure 4: How to Block a Call on iPhone using iBlacklist for Spam

Although if you are using an iPhone which is old and has iOS 3 or above, not to worry as you still can use the iBlacklist option to block calls from spam numbers. The best advantage of this feature is that it does not just block calls but also blocks messages as well. Check out the steps below for activating the iBlacklist.

Besides if you want to block an individual number, then you have to click on the “+” icon to add individual numbers. Additionally, the number you have selected will be blocked as well for messages. So you won’t be getting any notification for messages from the blocked numbers.

This is one of the best methods to follow for blocking incoming calls iPhone.

Wrapping Up

In the above discussion on how do you block calls on iPhone, we have provided the easiest methods you can implement for blocking a calls on iPhone. In addition, you can download any third-party application from the App Store to block calls from the spam automatically.