When Discord was launched in the market, it changed the idea of instant messaging and group chats. It gained a lot of popularity and there are a lot of users who are using this platform worldwide. You can experience the best messaging service with Discord. Apart from that, all your conversation is stored permanently in the Discord Cloud service. However, it is a nightmare on another hand, as it has different kinds of policies that can cause trouble as well.

What if you have a number of direct messages and you don’t want those conversations anymore? Then surely you want to do on discord clear chat. While trying to delete and trying to clear the chats, often you might find that it is not removing. If such is the case, then you will look out for effective fixes to delete those messages. Here, in this guide, we have discussed how to delete all messages on Discord.

How to Delete all Messages on Discord: Step-by-Step Instructions

There are two types of text messaging available in Discord. One is the Direct Message in Discord which is private conversations shared between two people. Another one is the Channel Message where the conversations are shared between a number of people creating a group in a channel.

You might not know but both the messaging system works very differently and has different rules. When the Discord was first introduced in the market, people could easily delete all types of messages here. However, deleting it nowadays is a bit of a complicated process. As many admins have deleted the conversion, thus resulting in issues with the Discord UI. Not to worry anymore, here we have discussed all the solutions to clear the messages from the Discord.

How to Clear Discord Chat: Direct Messages (DM)

Technically, it is not possible to delete the direct messages from the Discord. Perhaps you can choose to delete from your chat panel so that you don’t see it anymore. However, the conversations remain in the other recipient’s list as well as in the Discord server. Here’s how you can delete the copy of your conversations.

  • Launch the Discord application, then open the Direct Message inbox.
  • Then you have to right-click on the recipient whose conversation you want to remove. Then click on Message.
  • When the Direct message panel opens, move to the left side. There you will get an X button. Just click on it.
  • Once you click on the X button, the conversation between you and the recipient will be removed from your panel. 

Apart from that, if you want to hide any of the conversations, then you can follow these steps. These processes will just hide the conversation from your panel.

Discord How to Clear Chat: Channel Messages

There are multiple ways that can be applied to clear Channel Messages. Check the below three ways carefully in order to delete Channel Messages in Discord.

1. Manual Deletion of Messages

Let’s try the easiest one first, before going for the other tough processes.

  • Launch the Discord application. Then open the Channel Message inbox.
  • Further, hit back to the conversation that you want to clear. Locate the three dots which are there on the top-right corner. Click on it.
  • To remove the conversation, click on the Delete button from the menu.
  • After that, a window will pop-up asking for you to confirm. Click again on the Delete button to confirm the removal of the conversation.

Now once you have followed the given above procedure, this will clear all the messages from the Channel Messages in Discord. Perhaps, this process is not at all suitable if you want to remove a large number of text messages from a conversation. If you have a query on how to mass delete messages on Discord, then check out the steps for the next solution.

2. Use a Bot to Discord Delete all Messages

You might be aware of this thing, but there are a lot of bots available in the Discord Server to delete the channel messages in Discord. However, the MEE6 bot is recommended to use as it has a lot of access to the server. The installation of the MEE6 bot is very simple and easy.

  • Launch the Discord application in the beginning. Then log in to your Discord server by providing the credentials.
  • From there, go to the MEE6 website.
  • Click on the Add to Discord option to ensure the MEE6 is added to the Discord server, thereby click on the Authorize button.
  • Now you have to select the appropriate server so that the bot can work on your server.
  • Thereafter, MEE6 will ask for permission, so that it can remove messages from the Channel Messages in Discord. When prompted, click on the Authorize button.
  • Open the Control panel of the MEE6, navigate to the Moderation Plugin and enable it. Once all the above procedures are done, you now can utilize a variety of commands to remove the channel messages in Discord.

Once the MEE6 is authorized, use a couple of commands to clear messages in the Discord.

  • Such as using ‘!clear @username’ to delete a specific user’s previous 100 messages. 
  • Or Use ‘!clear 1000’ to delete the last 1000 messages on the channel. 
  • You can also change the number next to “Clear” to specify the number of how many messages you want to delete, although the maximum limit is 1000.

3. Clone the Channel

Now, if none of the above solutions did work, and you are still unable to clear the messages in Discord, then all you can do is to lastly follow this solution to solve the issue. Perhaps, this is the last option to delete messages on a Channel Message in Discord. You can clone the Channel method. Basically, it creates a copy of the Channel Messages, though it does not copy the channel’s old histories.

  • At first, you have to make a list of all the bots that you have installed in the Channel. Because the clone does not clone the bot you have installed in the channel messages.
  • Then select the Channel that you want to clone. Then right-click on it.
  • Now, you have to select the Clone Channel.
  • Thereafter, you have to name the new clone channel so that you can identify it easily. Give any name that you want to give.
  • Then click on the Create Channel button. Thereby, remove the previous old channel.
  • Now, once all the above processes are done, click on the New Channel to open it. Now, add all the bot that you were using in the previous channel.

Perhaps, are you thinking that this is going to add back all the recipients? Well Yes, it will add back all the recipients who were there on the previous channel.

Summing Up

Hopefully, if you have followed the above-said solutions carefully, then your query on “how to delete all messages on Discord?” will be answered. Also, check which method which actually solves the clear the messages in Discord in your case.