Connecting an Android mobile phone with your television s a very common thing now after the development of features and the introduction of a new set of tools.

It is helping us to stream our favorite shows on television or movies right from your Android mobile phone on your television. Thanks to science and its beautiful strength.

Wifi connections are very much in power at the present time and this is the reason connectivity among various devices has become something that needs a very less amount of time.

This has also something that has made it possible to connect an Android mobile phone to television and stream videos on your TV right from your phone.

Well, there are ways that also need traditional techniques like connecting with a cable. This article will just let you know the major techniques with the help of which you will be able to connect your Android phone with your television.

If you like to go with the tradition, you can connect your Android mobile phone with your TV just with the old and classic HDMI cable along with a converter for the micro USB port for your phone.

There is something else you can do and that is you can use a Chromecast USB stick if you would prefer to connect your Android phone wirelessly to your television.

The Various Techniques to Connect your Android Phone to your TV

Here, in this article, you will be getting different methods that will help you have a complete understanding of how to connect Android phone to TV.

How you can do it with the traditional HDMI cable converter?

If you are looking for how to connect Android phone to TV using USB cable, then the following set of steps will be very handy to you.

Step 1

The very first thing you need to do here is to get a micro USB-to-HDMI converter and this is something that you can get in stores selling mobiles’ pieces of equipment.

Now, the reason for buying converter is that the charging port of your mobile phone cannot have the support for the same cable that interfaces with your TV by default.

You have to be sure about one thing. And, that is, the Android device you have should be very much compatible with the cable you are buying. You can get these cables online for around 10 USD.

Step 2

The next thing you have to do is plug the small end of the converter into your android mobile phone. You have to plug this in the charging port usually present at the bottom of your mobile phone.

Step 3

The third thing you need to do in this process is to insert the HDMI cable into the converter. It will be easily fitting right at the opposite end of the converter.

Step 4

Now, what you have to do is plug in the HDMI cable into your television. This port that actually shapes a bit trapezoidal is usually found at the back of your television.

You will easily get to understand which one is the port as you will find that the word HDMI is printed right by the port.

In case your TV does not have a USB port near the HDMI port, you can just simply plug in the USB power cable into your Android charger unit.

Step 5

The next thing is obviously to turn on your TV.

Step 6

Followed by this you need to alter the input of your TV to the apposite HDMI port. This process of doing this varies with the TV model you are using.

You will be capable of doing so by simply pressing the Input button on the top or side of the television.

Step 7

You have to wait now, wait for the Android screen to get displayed on the screen of your television.

You might have to restart the device if you see that your Android screen is not showing up on the screen of your TV.

Usage of a Chromecast – Here are the Detailed Steps

Step 1

In this process, the very first step that comes up is that you have to be sure about the fact that you actually have a Chromecast unit along with the application software on your mobile phone.

You can buy this stick online very easily. Google Play Store gives you the mobile application totally for free.

Step 2

After you get the required stuff, you have to plug in the Chromecast stick to your TV’s HDMI port.

What else you have to do here is plug the included Chromecast power cable into both the back of the unit and the USB charger brick that should actually be plugged into an electrical socket.

Step 3

Now go to the mobile Chromecast application and you need to tap on the ‘Look for New Chromecast’ button. And, then, just exit the Chromecast application.

Step 4

Now, you have to go to your network settings. Open it. You will get it from the Settings app. Hit on the ‘Chromecast’ option and go back to the Chromecast mobile application and click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 5

The next step you have to follow is to do the confirmation about the fact that the code on your television matches the code that is there on your Android mobile phone.

Step 6

Then, set up your Chromecast and here are the things that are included in this process.

First, you have to select the country.
Second, you need to assign a name to your Chromecast. This step is an optional one though.
Third, you have to add a wireless network to your Chromecast.

Step 7

Here comes the next step and it is to open an application that will have the support for screencasting and Youtube and Netflix both comes under this criterion. Then, you have to tap on the screencasting icon. Recognize this by seeing a rectangular icon along with a series of curving lines in its bottom left corner.

Step 8

The following step is to tap on the ‘Chromecast’ button on your Android device. In case you have assigned a name to your Chromecast you will be getting to see that particular name displayed here.

Step 9

The next thing you have to do is to wait for your Android device’s screen to appear on your television.

This is something to take a few seconds of time so do not be worried. You can use your phone once you see that the screen has appeared on your TV screen.

This is the time you can pause, play, skip and fast forward any videos on your phone and that will be reflected accordingly on your television screen.

Even raising or lowering the volume of your mobile will be having the proper effect on your television.

One of the very beneficial things here is you can lock your mobile phone during the time of casting as it will help your Android mobile phone to keep the batty power stored for a much longer time.

Concluding Section

That was all. These steps will help you get the required stuff just within a few minutes.

Connecting your Android mobile phone with your TV is nothing complicated if you have all the required pieces of equipment.

Let us know in the comment section below if these steps were helpful to you.

If you face any sort of problem what you can do is just restart your device and start the whole process from the very first step for both the cases.

If still problems appear, you can get connected with a professional to get the problem resolved within moments.