No matter what kind of TV, you own, there are ways you can use the fun of TV. One of them is by connecting the Phone with the TV in such a way that you can use a big screen to watch media, or even play games. 

Additionally, you can also start or finish any projects and make the most out of it on the big screen. 

Requirements For Connecting Phone To TV Using Bluetooth

There are a few things that you need to check before you start doing the entire process of establishing a successful connection. Here’s a list of them:

  • The Phone needs to have Bluetooth support (Receiver)
  • The TV needs to have Bluetooth support (Transmitter)

In order to build a connection, it is needless to say that both the electronic devices need to have the same ground of connection; Bluetooth. 

Ways To Use Bluetooth Medium While Connecting Phone To TV

Here are the most effective ways you can use Bluetooth as a medium of connection if you’re wondering how to connect phone to tv using bluetooth.

1. Normal Bluetooth (For Apple TV)

If you’re asking, “can i bluetooth my phone to my tv” then you most certainly can. Using the simple Bluetooth option in the following way:

First, go to “Settings App” and switch on the “Bluetooth”.

Now, in “Control Center”, add the desired “Apple TV”. Then swipe up so that you can launch the “Control Center”. If you have an iPhone X series then you may need to swipe up more than once. 

Click on the desired “Apple TV” in the Control Center and then the search for Apple TV that has Bluetooth connection, will start. Once you’ve found the TV that you want to connect to, click on it. 

Now the connection is made successfully. After this, you can operate the smartphone and use the big screen to do whatever you like. 

2. Screen Mirror Function (For Android)

An option that is known as “Screencasting” does the work of mirroring the contents of the smartphone device to the TV. If you have a stable Wi-Fi connection and a Smart TV, then the screen mirroring option is free of cost for you. 

You need to keep in mind that the smartphone device should have the “Screen Mirroring” option available. Most of the Android operating systems that is of 4.1 version or higher, have this option in-built. However, versions lesser than that may not have the option. 

To make the connection possible, you need to launch the screen mirroring option for both the devices, the smartphone as well as the TV. Turn on the Bluetooth to make the connection while the function is on. 

3. Quick Connect Option (For Android)

In many android devices, there is an option called Quick Connect that allows users to connect to the TV via Bluetooth and then share the contents of the smartphone with the TV.  Make sure that the TV has a Bluetooth connection so that you can use “Quick Connect”. 

Simply, slide down the notification panel of the device and on the top, below the local functions, click on the “Quick Connect” option and then switch on the “Bluetooth” option. If you are a first time user of Quick Connect, then you may be asked to update the device first.

If so, update the device and then try it. Now choose the TV connection that you want to connect to. Then, choose the contents of the device that you want to share. Select the icon of “Share”. If it’s not available, then click on the menu button to get the “Share” option. 

Click on “Agree” to let the connection establishment. 

4. Google Chromecast 

You can use the benefits of Google Chromecast for sharing media. To use this, take the HDMI cable and connect one end to the Chromecast and the other into the TV. Now, power the adapter and start using the Chromecast.

Keep in mind that if you do not have the Screen mirroring option, this is the best bet for you. All you need is a strong connection between either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and that the range of the devices are in the same place or closeby to each other.