It can be the most annoying occurrence when you come to find that the charging port of the smartphone device is damaged. As a result, the device does not charge. The charging port is very delicate because of the construction of electrical pins. Hence, roughly inserting the charging cable or exposure to liquid can result in a faulty port. So how to charge a phone with a broken charger port?

You can certainly fix the port without having to pay a dime on it. And here you shall find out more about it!

Requirements To Charge A Phone Without Using The Broken Charger Port

In order to perform this fixing, you must be aware of the risk and the list of things you need to do it:

  • You would need a charging cable, whether Micro-USB or a Type-C one. 
  • Charge source, i.e USB port of a PC or laptop. 
  • Pliers to split the charging wires. If you do not have a plier, then use a knife with smooth edges or scissors. 
  • A tool to take off the sealed covered of the phone to take out the battery. You would not need any tool if you have a removable battery smartphone. 
  • Diligence and precaution.

Steps To Charge A Phone Using The Broken Charger Port

If you have a broken charger port and you are wondering how to charge a phone with a broken charger port, then you need to do the following:

  • First, turn the device on and then take out the battery from the backside.
  • Take a wooden stick that is small and then put it inside the charging port. (You can also use a toothpick)
  • Using the wooden stick, push gently and level up the charging tab very gradually. Keep in mind that you should do this as firmly as you can as the pins inside, are very delicate.
  • After that, place the battery back in and put the phone cover back on it.  
  • Then plug in the charger into the socket and check if charging is successful or not. 

If you see that it’s not charging, then the pins may be damaged to an extent that they have to be replaced. In that case, you can charge your phone in a different way. Find out below!

Steps To Charge A Phone Without Using The Broken Charger Port

Here are the steps on how to fix a charging port or more precisely, how to fix a broken charger port. Be well aware of the steps and do it in ascending order:

Cut The Rubber Case Of Cable And Take Out The Wire

As you know, the rubber case is to protect the wire inside, it has a hard coating. Take knife or use scissors or even fingernails to cut the rubber case. Cut only one end of the cable which is used for plugging into the phone. Then take out the 4 wires, namely black, white, red and green, from the case. 

Try pulling out the wires by peeling off the case to an extended amount. 

Now that you have the 4 wires, you would have to repeat the same thing again as they are also coated with a rubber case. Take out the copper wire of the black and the red wire, which are denoted as negative and positive, respectively. You can use scissors or even fingernails to firmly get a grip and then peeling them off slowly. 

Make The Copper Wires Into Charging Knots By Folding The Tip

Now that the wires are ready to be used, they are way too thin to have a touchdown with the smartphone’s battery charging terminals. So, what you need to do is, twist both the copper wires separately, in such a way that the circumference of the wire increases. 

Simply, twist both the wires separately and then fold the tip of each wire into a small ball or a knot. Keep in mind that you may need to undo the knot a few times until it fits into the place perfectly. 

Place The Knots And Position Them Between The Battery Terminal And The Phone

The first thing you need to do is, verify the negative and the positive terminals of the phone’s battery. Usually, there is always an indicator on the battery that shows which terminate is for negative and positive. Keep in mind that the rest of the terminals will not be used. 

These two other terminals are for the green and the white wire, that shows a sign of charging. So you will not get any indication that the phone is charging since they won’t be used. You can check if the phone is charging, by taking the wires off the phone in an interval of two minutes.

So, first, keep the phone on a surface with its face down. Then slide the battery into its compartment but not all the way in so that the terminals stay exposed. 

Take the red and black wire, hold each of them using index and thumb finger. Place the wires on the terminals. For black (Negative), clamp the knot of the wire onto the negative terminal of the battery. And, for the red (Positive), put the knot of the wire, on the positive terminal.

Be careful of maintaining a distance between the two wires as you clamp them. Then quickly slide the battery down so that it perfectly fits into the compartment. If you do it slowly, then the knots may not go down. Hence, do it quickly and calmly. 

Put The Phone Case And Put Tapes On Battery

Now that you’ve successfully performed the steps, put the phone’s case back on and let the wires stick. Use tapes if there is no room for the back cover to stick to. But, most of the time, you can simply push the rear cover. 

Since this is a temporary method on how to fix a broken charger port, the wires will be sticking out, making it look odd enough. Hence, cut off the extra wires i.e Green and White and then put tapes on the remaining ends of black and red wire. 

After knowing how to fix a phone charger port, you should be able to charge your phone without having to use the broken charger port!