Conversion rate is very important for a website. It helps to generate revenue for the website. This can be achieved if one improves the user experience.

User Experience (UX) is the experience of a consumer which he or she experiences while going through a website. It cannot be achieved by modifying only one aspect of the website. It is achieved by collectively developing the design aspects of the website.

No let’s discuss the ways in which you can develop the user experience and improve the conversion rate. 

The Ways to increase your Conversion Rate and Increase Revenue

It has been found in the research that the design of a website is a major factor in the increase of the conversion rate. Over 46% of customers considers the design of a webpage as a sign of quality and credibility. 

These easy and simple tricks will help you to increase your conversion rate, user experience, revenue and in the process provide growth to your business. 

1. Apply Consistent Branding

As seen in studies, a regular branding can help a website to increase the revenue by 23%. A more consistent visual content throughout every platform will help in making a brand which the users will enjoy to interact with over and over again.

These visual contents are very easy to reproduce. Top quality website designs use a very familiar color palette, and pictures that gives information to the users. 

These branding in the webpages makes a good environment which lets the users to locate the product or information they are searching for. 

A very good example of this is Walmart. Megastores invest in a great amount in creating a modern, yet simple logo design and a user friendly website. They design their websites in such a manner that they are very intuitive. 

Their logo is minimized to a small responsive symbol. However, in the design for every platform, like mobiles, desktops, and laptops, the main structure of the website remains the same.

The users are able to easily search and access the cart and their accounts and can very easily return to the homepage in case they get lost. This user friendly, clean, and simple design of the Walmart website has their signature blue and yellow hues and this is consistent in every aspect of Walmart’s marketing department like the commercial and social media and banner ads.

Walmart emphasizes on a simple site, rather than a complex site with advanced features. This decision made their e-commerce sales grow by 23% by the Q4 of 2017, just as their studies suggested.

2. Implement Good Call to Action

When a user reaches your website, they may not know what to do. So you have to make it crystal clear to them that what it is you want them to do.

To increase the effect of UX design of a CTA, you have to follow the given rules:

  • You can make the button of the CTA large. This will make it easier to click. You should not always depend on the writing on the button
  • The message should be clear and easy to understand. You can make a playful approach, but the meaning should be clear to the user. 
  • The font of the message should be large enough and readable. You should always use simple style of fonts and lettering.
  • The CTA should stand out. You can use contrasting color to do so.
  • Use the white space and don’t cramp up your message.

3. Design your website for Consumers, not Designers 

After all a website is designed to impress the consumers and not the designers or the company. Hence whatever feature you want to add, the designers should take it into account that what it will mean for the consumers. 

After conducting the customer research, it should be clear as to what feature will be important for the customers. Some of the features may be beautiful, but it will not affect the overall experience of the customer.These features are not needed to be put in the website.

Finally after the design is completed, it is important to perform an A/B test before implementing it. This test will make sure that it is functional and gives more conversion rate. It is seen that most of the companies get good conversion rate by first performing A/B testing rather than implementing it directly.

If investment is done in user experience design, it will give a strong return in the future. There are other improvements to be done to improve the UX, like fast loading time, good site speed, strong SEO and good marketing videos. 

You can pay attention to the customer on every device, building a good messaging and call to action process. This will make the customers very happy and will make them feel to come back again and again.

4. Make the Process Streamline 

When the consumers interact with your website, they go through a certain process- the conversion process, checkout process, buying process and also the learning processes.

Our general wisdom suggest that you need to keep the people in your site for a long period of time. But, keeping the users on your site for a long period of time can have a negative effect.

You should try to make the process more simple and streamlined. It will help the people to go through your page quickly.

This process is connected to the user experience design- the time visitors spend on your site, the things they do by going through the process, the forms they fill, the links they click, how easy it is for them to locate these forms, the photos they look to understand, all of these are part of the UED.

Other  Ways to increase your Conversion Rate and Increase Revenue  

There are also some other ways to increase your conversion rate and revenue. These are:

1. Remove Dead Links

Dead links can be very dangerous for your website. It can drastically decrease your conversion rate. Users face error code 404 due to these links, which can be very frustrating for them. So remove them if you have any of the dead links.

2. Humanize your Website

By making your website humanize means that there is a human touch in it. This will let the users know that there is a human involved in it. This makes them trust the website more. 

3. Make it Easier for the Users

A simple and clean website makes it easier for the users to find the things they are looking for.

4. Remove all Error Messages

You should remove elements like Typos, missing PDFs, grammatical errors and misspellings. These can all reflect badly on your website and representing you as an unprofessional person.

So, these are the steps you must follow to improve user experience on your website and in the process increase the conversion rate. By applying these steps you are sure to see good results.  

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