Leads are nothing but potential customers for your website. These are the people who have shown interest in your product. 

Generating leads is not easy. It can only be  generated by taking a strategic and well-planned approach.

Let’s understand the procedure of generating a lead. 

The Strategies of Generating a Lead

The lead generating process starts when a user clicks on the CTA on your webpage. This leads the user to a page. This webpage will contain a form, which will ask the user to fill it with their information. After the fill-up of the form is complete, a Thank-You page will emerge.

This was the basic process of generating a lead. Now let’s get into the details of how you can generate leads for your webpage.

1. Include Forms in your Web Pages that Will Help to Obtain more Traffic

If better to categorize your lead generation before you begin because then you can keep track of your success and select the areas in which you need improvements. You may have some webpages, which will make a good lead generator that your other webpages.

You should do an audit before starting so you can be sure of from where  most of your traffic is coming. 

Some of the common places a business can get its traffic from are:

    • Social Media- Users who perform campaigns through your social media, most of the traffic will come from there.
    • Email Marketing- You can obtain your traffic from the users who arrive at your website by clicking your emails.

  • Live Chat- You can also obtain your traffic from the users who has accessed one of your customer services team by a live chat window from your website.
  • Blog Posts- Some of your highest-performing blog posts can also provide a good amount of traffic.

After locating the most lead generating pages, you need to make sure that they prove good user experience.

2. Developing the Steps for the Lead Generation Process

When any user enters your website, you can start learning their conversion patern. This process starts when the visitor ends up filling up the form and in the process becomes a lead.

However, there can be times when a visitor will not achieve their goals. In those cases, you can try developing their conversion path.

You may want to know how. Let’s see the example of Surety Bonds’ book. They were facing the problem of not being able to convert the visitors at the rate of what they wanted. They decided to do an A/B split test (two versions of the same landing page) on their page. 

In this test, they would observe that which tactics work better on the pages. They applied changes like altering the link of a button, adding more forms to their homepage and asking different questions on different forms. This changes made by them resulted in the increment of 27% in lead generation. 

If you are planning to perform an A/B test on one of your landing pages, make sure to test for these three important lead generation process:

Landing Pages

On the basis of a HubSpot survey, the companies which have more than 30 landing pages, usually generate 7 times more leads as opposed to the companies having 1 – 5 landing pages.

CTA (Calls-to-Action)

It is good to apply contrasting colors on your site. Keep  the colors simple and you can use tools like Canva, for making images more easily and fast without any cost. 

Thank-You Pages

The landing pages are the primary reason for getting leads, however, the thank-you page should not be overlooked. Thank-you pages are the pages where the users are send next after they have filled up a form on the landing page. This makes them into leads. 

You should also include a link to your new lead to download the offer mentioned in your thank-you page. 

Social sharing button or a form for one of your related offers can also be included in this page.

3. Start by giving a basic CTA on your Homepage

CTA helps to keep the attention of the visitors on your homepage. However, you should not shower your visitor with invitations to see your other contents.

Your homepage is situated at the head of the marketing funnel. Hence, you should consider giving free subscription or trials to frequent campaigns like a newsletter. You can use one of the following CTAs on your website:

‘Subscribe to Updates’

The consumers always want their browsing experience to be un-interrupted just like their buying experience. Most of the times, the visitors are not ready to make a purchase at time of visiting your website. 

When they come to know about you without any efforts and commitments on their part, they are encouraged to make a subscription to an email to keep updated on the market trends and product updates. 

These users who have decided to subscribe are called marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

‘Try Us for Free’

The primary revenue generator of a growing company comes from its free trials and demos. These free trials and demos help to create the list of leads consisting of those who are trying the free trials.

4. Make Ebooks available for Downloading on your Blogs

Blog content is one of the best ways for generating interest for your business. These blogs can can also promote things like an ebook or whitepaper. Ebooks are a great way to make the users know more about your content topic. 

These blogs will help you to increase the authority of your page required to rank your website. 

5. Make your Calls-to-Action Personalized

Dynamic content helps to serve the need of various visitors visiting your website. The visitors of your website will be able to see buttons, images and product options that are customized according to their interests. 

It is seen that a personalized calls-to-action helps to convert 42%more visitors into leads as compared to a regular calls-to-acton.

6. Cater to the needs of your Leads

The leads are not going to turn into your customer automatically. If only you cater to the need of the leads, then only they will become your customer.

After the user have filled up a form from your landing page, you need to put them in a workflow. Then you have to deliver them relevant content that matches their interest. As you serve them their interested topics, try to learn more of their interests. On the basis of this information, you can now customize your future blogs.

Leads are important for the growth of your business. So, by using these website lead generation strategies, you can optimize your website to a great extent.

Therefore, use these strategies and see your business rise to a new height. 

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