While searching for some information in the browser or while you are simply browsing your internet, one of the most annoying problems faced by users is that they accidentally close the tab in the browser. And then most of the time, they find themselves helpless in reopening that particular tab again. 

Apart from this, often it happens that due to a sudden restart of the system, the tabs that you have visited previously gets lost. If you don’t know how to reopen a closed tab, then there are chances that you will probably be losing all the data of the website. Not to worry as most of the browsers have the option to restore the tab which is closed recently as well as saves all the data history of the websites in the History Section.

Methods that you can Follow to Reopen Closed Window:

In case, you have also done the same and are unaware of the process to reopen the closed window in your PC, then check out the following section to know about the procedures in detail. Here you will find all the procedures for how to reopen a closed window

Procedures to Open Recently Closed Tab

In Google Chrome, the process to open recently closed window is very simple and easy. You simply just have to right-click on any of the places in the Tab. Then you can see the “Reopen closed tab” option and click on it. Apart from that, you can also use the keyboard to do the same. Press and hold the combination of Shift + Ctrl + T keys to open the closed tabs. 

If you had too many tabs open and then all of a sudden you have accidentally closed Google Chrome, thereby lost all the tabs. Do not panic, as you still can reopen the closed tab. Usually, Chrome displays all the closed tabs in a chronological manner. This means that the recently last tab will open at first and then the second next and so on. Therefore, you should not get confused between the “Reopen Closed window” and “Reopen Closed tab”. Also, you will not be able to see both options at the same time.

Procedures to Open Closed Window

Although this does not work all the time, as if you close any tab a long time ago, then you will not be able to get those tabs back by following the above process. However, you can get access to those from the “History” option. As in the History section, all the websites are stored from the very beginning if not cleared. Go to the right top corner of the window. Then click on the three dots. There you can see the History options, click on it. Then it will show all the recently closed tabs and all other tabs that were closed long time back. 

Alternatively, you can open the Google Chrome browser. Then press and hold the Ctrl + H key to open the History menu of the Browser. From there, you can also get into the lost websites. Although ensure that you have not cleared the History section. If you have done so, then you will lose all the history of the data from the browser.

What to do next?

The next procedure is that you can make some changes in the setting of your Chrome browser. Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser. Thereafter, click on the Settings menu of the browser. Now, once the Setting tab of the browser opens, scroll to the bottom of the screen. There you can see the option “Continue where you left off”. On Startup sections, mark the box next to it. Now, this process will make sure that whenever you open the browser you get to the place where you left off. That is all with the procedures you can follow to reopen closed window Chrome browser as well as to open closed tabs Chrome. Thus you can easily fix this chrome reopen closed window issue.

Additional Information to Reopen the Closed Tab in Different Browsers:

Apart from Google Chrome, there are more browsers that you might head to the same problem. So follow the given set of instructions for how to reopen closed window.

  • How to Reopen a Closed Tab in Firefox

The process of opening a closed tab in Mozilla Firefox is similar to Google Chrome. Simply press and hold the Ctrl + Shift + T key to open the recently closed tab in the browser. Also, you need to right-click in the title bar. Then click on the Undo Close Tab option to revert back the closed tab.

Besides, you can open a new tab and press Ctrl + H to open the History section of the Firefox browser. From there, you can simply open the link that you want to access again. However, if the browser crashes or you accidentally close it, then as you open, it will show the option “Restore last session”. Thereafter, click on it to restore all the closed tab on the browser.

In addition to all these, you can also choose the options “Show my windows and tabs from last time” from the Settings menu of the browser.

  • How to Open Closed Tabs in Safari

There is a slight change as there is no Ctrl key in Apple products. So, you have to use the Cmd + Z key to reopen the closed tabs in the Safari browser. However, if you have closed multiple tabs in the Safari, then you can press and hold the combination of Option + Cmd + Z key to open the list of websites that you have accessed with the browser. From there, you can choose the website that you want to reopen again.

  • How to Open a Closed Tab in Internet Explorer

Just like the Chrome browser, you have to press and hold the Ctrl + Shift + T to open the recently closed tabs in the Explorer browser. However, if you have closed multiple tabs, then you should open the History of the Internet Explorer. After that, you can reopen the website from the list of websites in the History menu. Also, you can change the settings in the browser to avail of the best experience of Internet Explorer.

Summing Up

We hope that the above discussion could help you out if you were looking for a solution for how to open a closed browser window in Chrome or any other browser. Follow the set of instructions stated above in the post to reopen the accidentally closed tabs or windows.