Are you locked out of your iPhone device? Or maybe you forgot the iPhone passcode and now you’re wondering how to get back in. Well, iPhone is profoundly known to have the most high-end security so that nobody can intrude. 

However, regardless of the reason, you could get your access back by following some easy tips. These tips will not only unlock iPhone but you’ll also get an idea of it when you get locked out next time. 

Easy Tips To Unlock iPhone Without Using Passcode

If you’re wondering how to unlock iphone passcode then go through the contents below:

1. Use LockWiper To Unlock iPhone

This is a tool that is available online. You can use this tool to bypass the lock of the iPhone. 

The advantage of using this tool is that if you wish to even get rid of your cloud account without hassle, then you can do it via LockWiper. 

And not only that. You can even bypass 6 or 5 digit passcode and unlock the face ID as well. To proceed, do the following:

First, launch the software after downloading and then click on the option called “Unlock Screen Passcode” option. After that, click on the “Start” option and attach USB cable into the OS. Select “Next” after that. 

Now the application will analyze the model of the operating system. Based on that, you will be given a firmware package. Click on “Download” after you get it. When the download is done, click on the option called “Start To Extract”

After that, click on the option called “Start Unlock” and then type “000000”. Hit the “Unlock” button after that. Now your device will be unlocked. 

2. Use Siri To Unlock iPhone 

It has been known that you can access the Home screen of any iPhone device using Siri. And here’s what you can do with that:

First, tap and press the “Home” key of the device. This will wake Siri up. Then, firmly speak “Cellular Data”. You will have an option to switch the Wifi network off so that you lose the connection,. Do that. 

However, you can get very limited access to the device using Siri. But you can still get the important operations done, like messaging someone important. 

Simply, ask Siri for time. When you see the clock, click on it and visit the tab called “World Clock”. Then select the “++ option and then enter a city’s name and choose the “Select All” option. You will be given options. Among that, choose “Share” option. 

Now, choose “Message” as a medium for sharing, type any number on the address field along with composing a message and hit the “Enter” key. 

Now choose the “+” option so that you can add a contact. Then select the “Create Contact” option. Select the “Add A Photo” option. This will take you to the Image Gallery of the device. 

Stay in the gallery for a while and then press the “Home” key. After this, you will be redirected to the Home screen without having to bypass the passcode. 

The above-mentioned ways are only applicable if you are seeking answers for how to unlock iphone passcode without restore. If you want to unlock through recovery then follow the next one.

3. Use Recovery Mode To Unlock iPhone 

Keep in mind that if you opt for this option, then your data from the device, along with the passcode, will be removed. So, if you have not backed up your data, then choosing this option is not advisable. 

First, you need to establish a connection between iPhone and the PC to open the iTunes application. Then, switch the DFU mode on. 

For iPhone 8 Version

press both the up and down volume button for a second and then release. After that, gently press the “Side” key until you see “Connect to iTunes” on the device screen. From there you can restore using the Recovery option. 

For iPhone 7 Version

Press the down volume key and as well as the side key together and hold it until the “Recovery Mode” option appears on the screen. 

For iPhone 6 Version

Press the “Side” button or the” Top” button along with the “Home” key and then hold it. Keep holding until the “Recovery Mode” option comes on the screen. 

When you go forth with the recovery mode, you may be asked to update the device in a prompt box. Select the “Restore” option and then your device will start with its original default configurations. And your iPhone will be unlocked. 

4. Use “Find My Phone” To Unlock iPhone

This option will require you to have iCloud synced with the device. And here’s how to unlock iphone with passcode:

Go to the webpage called “” using the PC. After that, sign into the cloud with your username as well as password. Now when you are in the Cloud, click on the option called “Find iPhone”.

Now you will be given a list of all the devices that are synced with the cloud. Select your device and remove it. Then select the option “rase iPhone”. Now all the personal data within the phone will be removed along with the passcode. 

Since the restoration has been done remotely, the lock will still be active. All you need to do is, use the Apple ID and its password to enter into the device after that. 

5. Use iTunes To Unlock iPhone

To use this option, you need to have the iTunes synced with the iPhone device.  If you apply this option, then keep in mind that you will lose device data. However, you can back up the device data even after you’ve lost access to the iPhone device. 

Simply launch the “iTunes” application and then establish a connection between the iPhone and the PC using a USB cable. In PC, on the left-corner, the device logo will appear. Select it.

Then do the automatic synchronization so that it backs up. OR you can even use the iTunes summary window to back up manually.  Now that you’ve backed up the data from the device, you can use the above-mentioned recovery mode to bypass the lock.