You can find many frameworks for doing front end development. But none of them are as good as React. This is the reason why React is one of the most popular libraries to be used for doing front end development. 

Some of you may be having the question What is React JS? React JS is a library of JavaScript which is open-source. Facebook is the one to develop React. It is able to user-interfaces of high-quality for the web due to the component-based library. It also enables you to put codes of HTML in JavaScript. 

If you are having some confusion about selecting React and may be asking “Why use React JS?”. In this article, I will be discussing the points which make React so awesome. 

React Front end development

React Front end development is the study of developing front-end applications based on the Javascript. This procedure uses the Java ES6 for building applications for React. The React Front end development will also introduce you to the responsive design of Reactstrap for Bootstrap. 

You will get acquainted with various components of React, like the React router and how it is used to create applications. Flux and Redux are the two libraries of React, about which you will also know in detail.    

Why Use React JS?

There are many advantages of React JS which makes it appropriate and easier for the frontend development process.

The Learning Process Is Easy

Learning React is very easy. This is one of the vital points for choosing it. Because it’s quick to learn about nature, it will not take much of your time. You will be able to learn it in a small period of time and then start using it. You will also be able to find many tutorial videos on the internet for understand it even better. 

It is no like Angular, which is very complex. Your learning will become even easier if you have some prior skills in JavaScripts. This serves as one of the important advantages of react JS. 

The User-Interface Is Very Rich

You will be able to build some of the richer user-interface using React. This is very important because usually, a poor-interface is not user-friendly. Moreover, your users will also like the interface and they will stop using your app. So that more and more people use your app, that is what is react js used for.  

On the other hand, if your interface is good-quality UIs, more and more users will like your app. You will also be able to bring in new users as well. This will result in great success for your business.

This does not mean that you will not be able to build a good user interface using other technologies. But, by using React, you will be able to build it more easily and effectively. This helps in a great way for the React Front end development. 

The Development Is Faster

By using the development tools and the reusable component, you will be able to boost your productivity. The productivity of a developer is crusial. If you are able to do a job quickly, then you will be able to do make more money in a very small period of time. And for any company, this remains the ultimate goal. Making money is what is react js used for by the big companies. 

In React, you will be able to find many tools that will make your work faster. There is a tool known as “React Developer Tools”, it is a browser extension, which will make the coding to work smoothly. You will be able to check the hierarchy of the React components by adding this extension to your browser. This is one of the crucial advantages of react JS. 

Many Top Companies Trust React

Many of the top-level startups and companies use React, Eg- Netflix, facebook, CodeAcademy, TeslaMotors, Walmart, Airbnb, etc. A great number of famous apps also use React. 

The reason why all these famous startups and companies are using React because for doing frontend development, it serves as a tool of high-quality, and they also know how to use React JS.  

Clean Abstractions

React does not show any complex parts of itself in front of the users. Take the example of Angular, it tells its users about the digest cycles. The users never like this kind of information. If anyone is interested, they can opt to see it, but otherwise, it must remain hidden. 

The life cycle of a component, props, and states for mastering React are the only thing you will require to understand for your work. It does not suggest any architectures or patters, like MVVM/MVC. You are free to design your app as the way you like. This is one of the reasons why React is awesome. 

Redux And Flux

Facebook introduced and maintains the Flux architecture. They also use in their web applications. With unidirectional data flow, it helps to complement the components of React. However, flux is not a library that is ready-to-use. 

Redux is the most popular, which is a type of architectural reincarnation of flux. It offers a single store, which is not provided in flux. This single store is better because then you don’t have to keep your data in multiple places. With this the managing and the manipulation of the data become easy. These two are an important part of React Front end development. 

React Is Trending And Hot

Due to its usability, it has become hugely popular among the developers for frontend development. If you are still having questions, then you must consider the fact that React has become the most used tool for frontend development. 

When such a huge number of people is using it, then it is obvious that it is good and its features are very helpful. The number of React followers is growing with each passing days.  

Reacts Community Support

The community support of React is very strong. This community consists of a huge number of developers. These developers are always trying to make React better because of its open-source nature. There are also coders who are supporting people by teaching them about technology in various ways. If you do not know how to use React JS, then you will face no problem in learning it.  

There are a great number of tutorial videos from these coders and developers on YouTube. You will be able to learn from these videos very easily. This community support alone becomes a great reason for opting React. This is also one of the most important advantages of react JS.


With all the points discussed in the article, I hope that you understood what is React JS and  Why use React JS? It is number one in the framework for doing frontend development. With all its features, usability and popularity, if naturally becomes the most obvious choice frontend development.