Technology has revolutionized the modern world. It has changed everything that includes daily routine, way of work, and businesses. There is nothing in today world that technology has not influenced. When a student writes a research paper he also uses technology to improve his writing as was informed from online essay service.

To keep up with upcoming changes due to technology, we need to understand its influence. Here are a few concepts to have an idea of how incredible is the influence of technology on the modern


1. Customer adoption Curve:

Commonly known as the Bell curve, it is the process of understanding how technology is adopted by people. Innovators are the first ones to adopt and then the early adopters.

The most important question for technology to sustain and grow is how it gets across the chasm. Chasm is the gap between early adopters and the pragmatic majority section in this curve.

We have a simple view of the influence and sequential progress of any given technology with the help of this curve.

2. The S-Curve:

The S-curve is a model to understand the gradual growth of technology over time. It is similar to the customer adoption curve.

According to this curve, adoption of technology or a product completes its life cycle in three phases in the shape of S. The first phase is early adopters, then the growth and finally the plateauing. We can rephrase these three phases to make it simple as stupid, exciting, and boring.

As a technology or product reaches at the boring stage, it has no more impact on people. The influence of the product is great and incredible in its exciting stage.

There are 4-S curves of current technology influence, which are mainframes, personal computers, web, and mobile. All of these have reached their boring stage so what will be the next is a question we need to ask ourselves.

3. Disruptive Innovation Model:

This model gives us an idea of how new technologies can replace the old ones with the simple method of starting at the bottom of a market.

According to the Clayton Christensen, flattening of the curve in the S-curve model is not industry-specific but firm-specific. So he presented the disruptive innovation model. According to him, new technology should be looking to hit the market area that is least profitable for the bigger giants at the start.

By starting with a low-end market, new start-ups can focus on their performance improvement. Their better performance will lead to an increase in their customers. Uber and Netflix are two prime examples of this model that have achieved significant success.

4. The Lindy Effect:

Lindy Effect is another concept that can help us in understanding the influence of technology. According to this effect, the future expectancy age of a product or technology is directly proportional to its current age.

For example, if a technology is 100 years old so expect it to survive or have an influence (more or less) for another 100 years.


These are some simple methods to understand the technology impact on people and their lives. To keep moving with the change in technology, understanding its influence and future effect is important.

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