Intel True Key is a password protection software that helps protect all the passwords of yours. Many users want this in their system whereas some users are unaware of this software getting installed in their systems and have the query How did true key get on my computer?

To answer the query, True Key typically comes in a bundle and gets installed when you install Adobe Flash Player. It’s an opt-out option but can get installed if you don’t opt it out from the bundle.

So if you are here, being unaware of how True Key gets introduced and want to uninstall it from the system, then you are in the right place. As in this guide, we have talked about it and also the processes you can follow to uninstall True Key from the system.

3 Effective Methods to Uninstall Intel Security True Key:

Without wasting any more time let’s jump to the methods that you can use to uninstall True Key from the system.

  • Uninstall True Key Using the Control Panel

Before moving to the more complicated methods, you should try the easy ones first. Uninstalling True Key using the Programs and Features of the Control Panel is the easiest method.

  • Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu. Or you can press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box. In the search box type “control panel” and hit Enter.
  • Then change the view to Category from the top of the window.
  • Now click on the “Uninstall a Program” option which is located under Program.
  • Locate Intel True Key in the list of applications, right-click on it and then click on the Uninstall button to remove it from the system.

However, you are unable to find Intel True Key, then you can look for the McAfeeSecurity Scan plus or McAfee Livesafe.

  • Uninstall True Key Using Uninstall.exe

If the above method fails, then you can use uninstall.exe to remove the program from the system. You can find the uninstall.exe in the root folder of the Intel True Key. For that, go to the c: drive of the PC, then open the Program Files folder. There find Intel Security Key, double-click to open the folder and then scroll down to find the Uninstall.exe file. Double -click on it to run the uninstaller of the application.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the desktop shortcut icon of the Intel true Key and then go to the Properties options and then click on the Open file location option to directly go into the folder. There you will find the Uninstaller.

  • Uninstall True Key Using Third-Party Application

If none of the above solutions remove the key, then you can use any third-party application to remove True Key from the system. You can find plenty of third-party applications that will help you to get rid of the Intel True Key from your system.

Intel Security True Key Updater

If you are someone who is interested to use the True Key then you can install the True Key Updater. You can use this to stay up to date with the software updates and thereby get the best experience of the key without any bugs or errors.

Is True Key a Virus?

Many users have asked this question. To put it straight, True Key is not a virus. True Key is an Adware that works with the browser. Usually, this forcibly pops up notifications or ads in the browser that you are using. So if you are worrying whether it can harm your PC or not, fortunately no, it cannot. It only affects the browser you are using and annoys you with ads that are unsafe when you are browsing.

How to Remove True Key Virus

However, if your browser is introduced with the True Key Virus, you would be searching for a solution to remove it from the system. And to do so, you can go through the following set of instructions. Also, you can follow them if you do not want the True Key virus to affect your PC.

  • Update your Antivirus

The first and the foremost step to save your system form any kind of virus is to keep the antivirus of the system up to date. For that, open the Antivirus and then click on Settings. Then go to the Updates option. Then check for any updates of the Antivirus Engine.

  • Do not Install Unknown Applications in the System

When you are browsing and see something interesting, you may be tempted to install it once it asks for confirmation. However, we suggest you do not install such applications in the system. As these have a high risk of malware that can affect the system badly.

  • Access Websites that are Known to You

Always remeber to use the websites that are very well known to you. Also if you are trying to access a new website that asks for permissions then check the details of the website. In addition to that, read the terms and conditions of the websites. If you open any links unknowingly then that can affect the system.


We hope that the above instructions have helped you with the query on how to uninstall True Key. Follow the instructions thoroughly to successfully remove Intel True Key from the system as well as save your PC from the True Key Virus.