In today’s world, with our smartphones, we use to watch movies, upload photos, check the emails, and even navigate our way around the world. Due to such immense use of it, it is very natural that your phone will die at the end of the day. But, this can be of great inconvenience if you are about to attend an important call or you are very far away from your destination. 

However, the latest iPhone battery life comes with a boost than those of its older versions like the iPhone 6 battery life. Even though, who does not want their iPhone battery to last longer? 

So, if you are looking for ways to extend your iPhone 6 battery life, then you are in the right place. Here, we will be discussing the methods to save your battery life and use your iPhone for longer.

How to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer?

The features that make your iPhone great, these are generally the reason for the drainage of the battery life. However, do not worry, here you will get the steps to disable these features. So, here is how you can effectively use these features to slow down the battery drainage.

Fix 1: Find out what is draining the iPhone battery life

For the iOS 12 users, go to the “Settings” option. Then, enter the “Battery” option. Here, you will see the list of all the apps and what amount of battery life these apps are using. 

Fix 2: Terminate all the unnecessary background apps

If you see that there are any background apps that you are not using and are draining more battery life, then go to “Settings”. Then, select the “General” option. After that, click on the “Background App Refresh”. Here, you have to toggle the settings of the auto-refresh for each of the apps manually. This will prevent the apps from running in the background. 

If the name of any particular app is not on the list and you do not need its updates, then you must turn off the Background App Refresh. 

Fix 3: Tweaking the Notification settings to reduce the Home and Lock screen draining battery

The notifications on your Home and Lock screen are one of the main reasons for your iPhone battery drainage. We receive these notifications in real-time and when they are received, the lock screen turns on. If you are receiving notification from any apps that you do not need, then it is best to turn the notifications off for these apps. 

You will be able to save a lot of Home and Lock screen draining battery by turning them off. Follow the given below steps to turn the notifications off for selected apps:-

  • Go to the “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • After that, select the “Notification Center” option. 
  • Now, go down the page and find the “Include” option. Here, you have to select the app for which you want to turn off the lock screen notification. 
  • Lastly, locate the “Show on Lock Screen” option and toggle off the switch beside the option. 

Now, you will see that there will be a lot less Home and Lock screen draining battery.  

Fix 4: Disable the Push Emails

Another reason for the draining of your iPhone battery life is the Push emails. When you are creating your email account, you will be provided with the options to enable the Push email. Push emails let your phone to check for emails in the background. This constant checking for new emails can drain a lot of your battery life. 

To turn it off, you have to go to the “Settings”. Here, select the “Accounts and Passwords” option. After that, click on “Fetch New Data and turn off Push”. Here, you can decide how often your phone will look for new updates for each account. You can also select to check manually. This is quite a good procedure if you are looking for how to make iPhone battery last longer

Fix 5: Always Turn on Airplane Mode

Whenever you are in an area with poor network coverage, your iPhone boosts the antenna power to stay connected with the network. In this process, the usage of your iPhone battery life increases. If you are in such areas frequently, and if you see that you do not need to make phone calls, then it is better to turn on the Airplane Mode. 

You can swipe up on the Home screen and locate the Airplane icon. After locating, you need to press the Airplane Mode. Now, your Airplane mode will be activated and our cellular connection will be disabled. When you are out of this area, you can again tap on this icon to disable the Airplane Mode. 

Fix 6: Don’t quit apps when you are multi-tasking

Many users think that removing an unwanted app will save battery. This is actually the opposite. By flicking away unused apps, you are removing it from the RAM. This means that when you want to open this app, your phone has to open it all over again. 

In this process, the iPhone will use up a lot of battery life. However, if the app stays open in the background when you want to use the app, your iPhone has to just open it from the stasis. You must know that when you are not using an app, iOS freezes the app automatically. This is a great way to make the iPhone battery last longer. 

Fix 7: Keep your iPhone cool

If your phone becomes hot, then the battery life might get affected. This will simultaneously decrease your iPhone battery life. So, always try to keep it out of direct sunlight or in a cold environment.   


All the above-discussed tips for how to make iPhone battery last longer are the best and most effective to extend your iPhone battery life. With more battery life, you will have to worry less about your phone’s battery running out.