Apple is one of the global names in this massive world of technology. They are one of the leading brands in the market due to their ability to upgrade themselves according to the demands of the people.

Apple has always been in a tug of war with Microsoft. But, when it comes to iPhones, it will always have an upper hand over smartphones. Along with top-notch features, iPhones come with an unmatched operating system as well. After all, Apple believes in reinventing things and making it better.

iPhone Is Smarter Than Other Smartphones

“iPhones are worth every penny.”

iPhone is what every tech-savvy person desire for. Apple’s hardware and software developer works together to provide you with better integration and elevate the performance of your iPhone. The operating system of Apple’s iPhone does hard work to ensure that your system runs smoothly.

Apple always comes up with new upgradation and this time they come up with iOS 12. Now with iOS12, iPhone speeds up its performance. Equip with iOS 12, your iPhone will now provide up with up to 70% faster swipe to the camera, faster keyboard display and speedier app launch under a heavy workload.

How To Install iOS 12 Beta?

Apple allows the user to try a beta version before it unleashes the final software. You can easily install the beta version in your iPhone by following the steps given below:

  • Firstly, go to Apple Beta page and sign up yourself by using your Apple ID
  • Then sign into the Beta Software Program
  • The next step will be to enroll your iOS device.
  • Now go to and download the iOS 12 beta for your hardware by selecting the exact iPhone model you are using.
  • Your beta version will be available in the Setting app

So, by following these steps you can install the beta version. But you may come across some glitches because this is the unfinished version of iOS.Therefore, it is advisable to backup your valuable data. It is a risky operation, but installing the new update of iOS 12 beta means lightning iPhone performance along with bragging in front of your friends.

New Location Feature in iOS | Apple Cares For Your Safety

With this new software upgradation in Apple’s iPhone, you will not only enjoy the better performance but will also protect your device from malware. iOS 12 will enable you to share your location with 911 shortly in future for emergency service.

In 2015, Apple came up with Hybridized Emergency Location, which was earlier used to determine the 911 caller’s location. This technology used cell tower and wifi access point to know about the user’s location. However, with this new update iOS 12, a technology developed by RapidSOS will be used to share the location of the caller.

People rely on 911 centers in a case of an emergency and Apple believes in providing you with the best available technology to ensure your safety.